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Wise was created as a digital platform dedicated to the function of cryptocurrency transactions through blockchain technology. This platform launched its official token which was coded WSE. Wise plans to distribute his tokens to trade as many as 100 million WSE tokens. Of this amount, Wise targets to be able to collect results of sales profits of up to 1 billion USD. The initial price of the WSE token is set at 10 USD for one WSE token. This price will change according to the discounted conditions for each sales period. In general, Wise opened 3 periods of token sales, including private sale periods or personal sales, pre-sale or pre-sale, and public sales or general sales. The highest discount is given in the private sale sale period of 70% so that the WSE tokens can be obtained at a price of 3 USD. In the pre-sale period, the price of the token will be cut by 50% so the price will be 5 USD. While in the public sale period, users can still have tokens at a discounted price of 20% at a price of 8 USD.

Tokens are available for purchases during 2019 which are divided into 3 time divisions. In the first quarter, the number of tokens traded was high, with Wise predicted to be able to raise funds from the proceeds of the token sales of 61 million USD. In the second quarter, the target for obtaining profit was greater at USD 62 million. Whereas in the third quarter, predictions decreased to 26 million USD. This is because they predict the sale of tokens will peak at the beginning of the sale and in the middle part. However, sales at the end of time do not show high amounts because they focus on selling WSE tokens at the beginning of the sales period.

WSE tokens are not only allocated to the sales function, but are also used for several other allocations, such as airdrop, advisors, teams, business functions, and backups. The number of tokens traded occupies the highest percentage in the WSE token allocation chart, which is 35%. This amount includes private sale, pre-sale, and public sale. Wise is kind enough to give WSE tokens for free through the airdrop period which is intended for general users as a form of bonus. The total tokens that will be distributed during airdrop are as much as 5%. The team and advisors who have made every effort to build this platform have the right to obtain a number of WSE tokens, 6% and 4% respectively.

To support business functions, such as creating more reliable applications and transaction facilities, WSE tokens will be distributed as much as 30%. This amount is the second largest allocation after sales. For Wise, to support so that its platform continues to grow and expand its function, they must build good business cooperation and provide benefits for each party involved. Therefore, it is important for Wise to allocate a number of WSE tokens to the success of the plan. The remaining tokens will be taken to the reserve allocation. WSE digital tokens will not be burned as is done by other digital platforms. They will reserve these tokens to meet unexpected needs and to support the development of their business in the future.

Wise established a stable network to facilitate transactions in a controlled and safe manner. The application of the Wise network can be found in the transaction of buying and selling data from other connecting sensors. Every component of the Wise network that is connected to the device can utilize the data generated by other nodes in the Wise network. The Wise network can also help buy and sell process power. Every IoT device generally does not have sufficient transaction processing power so they can use the Wise network to buy power to support further processing on mobile devices. The Wise network can also support purchases and sales transactions for storage capacity. Most IoT devices do not have enough storage capacity to store the data they produce or use. By using facilities from the dApp store, they can sell encrypted data on other devices.

Token Wise is a force that will empower information exchange transactions and values ​​between devices and networks of these devices. By embedding the Wise network originating from the ANSUZ chip, IoT devices can practically exchange values. Wise allows devices to make and receive payments in the form of WSE tokens with other devices. Exchange of services and data will take place if the device is connected to the Wise network. Each device can also get access to services and data from other device networks through Wise’s decentralized application store and payments can be made using WSE tokens.

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