Step-by-Step Guide to Registering a .Eth Name on the New ENS Registrar

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The permanent Ethereum Name Service (ENS) registrar has launched!

This means, among other things, the auction is gone and instant registrations are live.

While there are several third-party websites that offer ENS registrations, this guide will give you step-by-step instructions of how to register and set up a new Ethereum name with the official ENS Manager app.

Step 1: Open your Ethereum-enabled browser

On desktop, this could be Chrome with the extension MetaMask, or the browser Brave with MetaMask (which comes built-in) enabled.

On mobile, this could be Coinbase Wallet, Status, or another mobile Ethereum browser.

This guide will assume you are using Meta Mask in a desktop browser, but other Ethereum-enabled browsers should work very similarly.

You must be signed in to your Ethereum browser with the same wallet that you’d like to have own the name (though you can set it to resolve to a different wallet, or transfer ownership later), and you must have at least a small amount of ETH in your wallet to pay transaction costs and your name’s first year’s rent.

Step 2: Navigate to the ENS Manager

In your browser, go to

Bookmark this page, because it will be the easiest way for you to manage your Ethereum names from now on!

Step 3: Search for your desired .eth name

Type in to the “Search names” field the .eth name you’d like to migrate (including the “.eth” ending), and click the “Search” button.

If the name is already registered by someone else, you will see a page with information about the name’s ENS records, like this:

If the name is available, you will see a page asking you for how long you’d like to register the name, like this:

Step 4: Select time interval

Use the “-” and “+” buttons to select for how many years you’d like to pay rent initially. When you register a name, you have to rent it for at least one year. You can pay extra to rent it for additional years. You can always choose to extend your registration period at another time in the future.

Note: You must have enough ETH in your Ethereum-enabled browser wallet to pay the full cost of registration.

Step 5: Start the registration process

Click the blue “Request To Register” button on the bottom right. A box should pop up from MetaMask asking you to confirm the transaction. Click the “Confirm” button to confirm it.

Step 6: Wait

Do not close your browser during this process!

First, your transaction must be confirmed. This should take less than one minute.

Second, you have to wait for another minute to ensure no one else is trying to register your name. The green bar in the middle of the screen will slowly advance across the screen to show that time is passing.

Step 7: Finish registration

Once your wait time is over, orange text will appear that says “Click register to move to the 3rd step.” Click the blue next to it that says “Register.”

This will cause another MetaMask box to pop up, asking you to confirm another transaction that will finalize your name and pay your rent. Click the “Confirm” button.

Back on the Manager page, where the “Register” button was you will see “TX PENDING.” Once the transaction is confirmed, your name is registered!

…and you’re done!

You are now the proud owner of a new .eth name!

Now you need to set up your ENS records. This makes it so your name will resolve to an Ethereum address of your choosing. That way, your friends can send you payments to “yourname.eth” instead of with your hex address “0x9d8…” (if they are using an ENS enabled wallet).

A step-by-step guide to setting up your ENS records will be forthcoming.

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