This is in continuation to my earlier weekly TWINS report.

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This is in continuation to my earlier weekly TWINS report. In this article I will cover the major updates and progress of project in the preceding week.

This week we saw TWINS going further down to below 20 sats before recovering a bit. Meanwhile the first stage of the project has been completed and we are officilly into 2nd stage of the product. I will also cover some of the upcoming website updates.

About project
Aim of the project is to create a truly decentralized exchange platform with cross-chain atomic-swaps capabilities to facilitate the direct transacting of value between network users. There will be no fees for the direct peer-to-peer exchanges, as these transactions are performed directly between user wallets.

The TWINS cryptocurrency will be used to power the exchange platform for buy and sell order listings and to reward the community-supported and decentralized hosting of network nodes. The public TWINS network was launched earlier this year.

Weekly Progress

TWINS falls below 20 sats
Although TWINS price is not a cause of concern for the team and it has also been reiterated more than once but nonetheless it is important for the people associated with this project. This week saw TWINS going below 20 sats for a brief and then recovering to 30 sats with the news of “successful completion of stage -1”.

At the time of writing price of bitcoin saw a decline from a high of $5400 USD to $5050 USD and this has an impact n other alts to. Partially due to this we saw a decline in TWINS price also, after recovering to 30 sats for a while. Start of the 2nd stage is a huge step but still, I believe until, there is some concrete update about future steps or partnerships , price of TWINS may fall in the next week too.

Stage 1- ‘TWINS Coin Launch’ completed
As we all now project roadmap is divided into three stages and out of them “stage 1- TWINS Coin Launch” was officially completed last week. Team has published an extensive report detailing the performance of the project so far and what to expect in next stage. quoting from the article:

‘The public TWINS network was launched on January 8 after being seeded by the team, with the goal to grow into truly decentralized, independent and highly secure blockchain infrastructure…..

In general, the performance and stability of the TWINS network has met our expectations and requirements for this initial phase of the project. At the time of the writing, the TWINS network consists of 777 Masternodes and circulation supply of 975M TWINS.’

Full report can be found here-

Stage 2- ‘TWINS Network Growth’ started
The main goals for stage 2 of this project are network growth and further decentralization, community growth, engagement and active participation, project visibility, communications and PR, TWINS coin acceptance and usability, development of strategic partnerships.

TWINS Masternodes
Another week and number of TWINS master node is increasing day by day. Last week in my weekly report I mentioned that there were 778 TWINS master nodes and today as of writing we had 820 masternodes. which is absolutely phenomenal.

Continuous increase in the number of TWINS MN exhibits the community support and its demand. With the increase in MN number, the reward frequency is decreasing continuously. Soon there will be a time that a MN will receive a single reward in 24+ hrs.

Upcoming Source Force platform update
New Capital team had recently launched a Dedicated Platform for community contribution, where users can submit their work towards any of their projects and they will be rewarded by the team, if their work is substantial towards project growth.

Since its launch there has been a very positive response from the community towards it, and soon we are going to have a more refined and updated interface. Some of the screens from the discord channel are posted below to give a look of what we are expecting-

That’s it, another impressive week for TWINS. Thank you.

Official project links:

TWINS Website:
Fix. Network —
Bitsane Exchange link —
p2pb2b Exchange link-

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