An interview with Christopher Brown. Papercrypto and Zabo Co-founder

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Why have you decided to create Zabo and Papercrypto?

Cryptocurrency is still difficult for people to wrap their head around and the technology continues to advance rapidly. We had Bitcoin, then Bitcoin forks, then Ethereum, then an explosion of other chains. Now that we have Ethereum advancing to scale rapidly, Polkadot bridging chains, and new decentralized applications everyday, there is growing complexity and misunderstanding. We created Papercrypto as a way for people to learn about cryptocurrency through actual exposure with play money. Now you can see what it looks like to own these currencies, see all of the different cryptos out there, link to their websites and learn about the different projects.

Zabo is our product being built to handle real cryptocurrency. We want to make cryptocurrency payroll easy and eventually integrate it with traditional banking. We view crypto as a fundamentally new financial system that has never existed before which requires a brand new way of thinking about and using money. The crypto economy breaks down many economic barriers globally, creates efficient incentive mechanisms, and allows us to work together individually and directly. None of this matters though unless you can start with a simple step 1: 
Is it safe and useable? Zabo says yes.

What’s your role in Papercrypto?

Every Monday our team compiles and evaluates all of the external feedback received from users and internal feedback from our development group. I help facilitate these discussions and develop a plan to adjust our roadmap where needed, then make sure we are clear on how to move development forward through the week. Every morning we have a quick stand up meeting to make sure all questions are answered and development is on track. In between all of this, we all basically put our heads down and build the best product we possibly can.

What was your career path?

I started off in the US Air Force after high school doing air traffic control (ATC) and helping with ATC systems. I’ve helped with planning, developing, and testing numerous aeronautical systems both in the military and in the civilian world from Runway Status Lights, which is a system that integrates ground radar tracking, airport mapping, and airborne aircraft proximity detection to ensure you don’t have two airplanes on the same runway at the same time, to the Risk Analysis Program, which evaluates and assesses risk levels to certain airborne proximity events that happen over time with the goal of identifying necessary process improvements before getting close to any aircraft collisions. That was my main work before diving into the cryptocurrency world.

What are you favorite coins? What is your portfolio consist of?

I keep my primary portfolio stocked with Bitcoin and Ether. Bitcoin of course is the most popular cryptocurrency and has a large and mature network. Ethereum has matured very quickly and has smart people working all over the ecosystem. There are other various projects and currencies that have airdropped into my wallet and I only sell to invest money in our company when we need it. I keep my eyes open but I’m relatively conservative when it comes cryptocurrency investment.

Do you actually trade? If yes, what are the results?

I don’t actively trade cryptocurrency because I’d be horrible at it. This is confirmed with my portfolio being one of the worst on Papercrypto, haha. I like to stick with building software and learning from the actual trading gurus that show up.

If there was no crypto, what would you be doing?

Building autonomous drones.

Do you take part in ZABO trading competition #1 ?

Yes, and I’m losing pretty bad. If I started to win though, I’d probably not play because there’s obviously a conflict of interest if I both build and win at it 😄

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