BOLT partners with yet another high profile company and exciting news about Binance chain

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Blockchain platform BOLT adds another high profile partnership in PayFo potentially bringing another 26 million users.

Let’s start with the huge new partnerships with PayFo. PayFo is part of Malaysia’s National Printing Arm and is responsible for the printing and distribution of security documents and smart cards in all of Malaysia making it a very lucrative partner.

The collaboration between the two companies will offer engagement channels for both projects and constant rewards programs for users. With BOLT also acting as a video-based communication content and information platform for the PayFo database.

BOLT tokens will be utilized and implemented as a reward and incentive system for PayFo users. But Brands and advertisers will have to purchase BOLT tokens from exchanges as advertising credits to utilize the network.

The BOLT ecosystem offers revolutionary and exciting technology in the blockchain sector, making major moves to attract mainstream attention, which will benefit PayFo ambitious goal to try and conquer the ASEAN region.

The team has deep ties in Asia and has been rapidly expanding across the continent meaning the partnership between BOLT and PayFo will yield results for both projects going forward.

But the PayFo partnership isn’t the only great news coming from the BOLT project with news coming available about the partnership with the Binance chain.

The partnership between Binance Chain and BOLT is huge with the BOLT project building on the Binance chain ecosystem to bring financial liberation to the underserved.

BOLT and Binance Chain aims to make the rules of Know Your Customer (KYC) redundant, KYC rules are a huge problem for developing countries with many of their residents not having address due to their living conditions.

Their is currently over 850 millions people world wide who would not pass the KYC rules But BOLT and Binance Chain aim to end this by offering their services on the DEX. Allowing users from all backgrounds to utilize the system without obliging to KYC rules, and truly making blockchain and investing for all.

The partnership between the projects will really make all content available to everyone one of the main goals set out by blockchain technology.

The BOLT team has officially proposed to be listed on the coming Binance Dex. The submission was requested by Christel the Co-founder of the BOLT project and what’s more exciting you can have your say via the link below!

The BOLT project really needs to be on your radar if it not already with the team being dedicated and hungry for success!

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