Distributing Tokens for Minedblock Infrastructure Development

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Each blockchain platform will usually implement a different allocation system. Be it from the allocation of tokens, or the allocation system for the sale of these tokens. Usually in the early stages of selling tokens, most of the income will be used to develop platform projects. This development is certainly done to improve the facilities of the platform. Same is the case with Minedblock. In the initial sales phase, almost the majority (95%) of MBTX tokens were allocated to sales.

Logically, the Mineblock step is to allocate most tokens for sales. Can be considered as a step that is quite brilliant. Because the more tokens are traded, the more profits will be obtained. This increase in profitability will certainly be allocated by Darb to build data centers, reserves and various mining equipment. As we know, the construction of facilities for a blockchain mining project is not an easy matter. Apart from draining energy, sweat and time. This development will also consume substantial funds. This development starts from the expenditure allocated to employ several expert teams. Because it is very impossible, if the construction of the blockchain project is only done by one person.

Each blockchain project certainly needs some thoughts of people who have abilities in certain fields. Therefore, Minedblock included several people who possessed this expertise. Among them are Matthew Ruff, who currently works for the Hyryde company as director of sales and marketing. In addition, he also served as UK Telesales Training Manager, IT Consultant at Misco UK company, etc. These various experiences will certainly be applied to the development of the Minedblock platform. For example in terms of promotion and computerization. At least to build a mining platform, it takes people who specialize in blockcain technology, economics, computerization, and IT security.

Therefore, the integration of these three sciences will greatly help the founder in building a data center that is used to store everything related to Minedblock. Be it smart contract notes, technology components, mechanisms, tokens, etc. Besides this integration will also determine the various components of the right technology to support the smooth mining process.
To improve system security, a number of important data must also have a backup storage area. Because if there is one important data that is accidentally deleted, then the data cannot automatically be restored or restored. The construction of this infrastructure will certainly attract many customers to invest their funds in Minedblock.

After passing the initial sales stage, the proceeds of the sale of MBTX tokens were allocated for the construction of data centers, reserves, and integration of various types of mining equipment in Minedblock. Therefore, 75% of the revenue from mining will be distributed to token holders. This distribution is also based on the circulation of tokens. For example if there are 10 tokens in circulation, and there are users who only have 2 tokens. Automatically the user will get a profit percentage of 2%. In the early stages, Minedblock will distribute Ethereum (ETH) to digital wallets of users who trade MBTX tokens on the STO market. But for the next stage, Minedblock will offer a number of alternative digital currency payment tools such as ETH, BTC, BCH. Where these coins will be sold to be distributed at ETH. To provide affordable prices, Minedblock will trade coins mined for ETH on several exchanges throughout the month. At this stage the wallet address will be published to show that the coin or token contained in the wallet is ready to be distributed. This distribution schedule occurs every 1–5 of each month. While the remainder is allocated to operating costs as much as 10%, 10% expansion, and the cost of buying tokens returns as much as 5%.

From the explanation above, it can be seen that the mechanism for allocating tokens, allocating funds, and allocating opinions has been designed and arranged in such a way by expert teams. This is to provide education to users, regarding wherever the direction of investment is carried out by Minedblock.

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