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The development of technology network infrastructure that will be used in facilitating digital financial transactions requires the most up-to-date designs and concepts. Changes continue in the world of cryptocurrency which has an influence on the operation of transactions that have now been run by various types of modified blockchain technology. To ensure that it remains reliable and is capable of running all transactions, the technology network must be adapted and adapt to other types of blockchain originating from various digital platforms. If not, this will cause a problem that will lead to user disappointment. The platform not only provides the best services offered through promotional media, but also must be supported by evidence of reliability.

Introducing a platform called Ferrum which was founded by a company called Ferrum Network. Ferrum provides facilities in the world for the world’s first high-speed interoperability network for real-world financial applications. This platform will help users to facilitate transactions through a network of platforms for fiat currencies. In addition, Ferrum also provides practical and fast exchange services between digital and fiat currencies. This service is specifically provided by Ferrum as a solution for users who often face network constraints when making transactions on other digital platforms. By using the Ferrum network service, transactions will be completed more quickly and funds will be entered directly into the recipient’s digital wallet.

The interoperability network built by Ferrum makes this platform able to conduct transactions with various types of blockchain technology in the world. This will make every transaction possible. Users can choose the type of currency they want to transfer. Then, the Ferrum network will handle all the procedures for sending the funds. The technology created is very sophisticated where Ferrum involves a number of protocols to create the concept of peer to peer transactions (P2P). Its network reliability makes transactions carried out can take place at a very high speed. Each type of digital asset is not differentiated in terms of features and all the benefits provided by Ferrum apply to all types of digital currencies.

Ferrum is equipped with The DAG Ledger or DAG ledger. This book is a wireless system that stores all information. Its function is almost like a blockchain but has advantages that are more in terms of network speed. The spread takes place in a decentralized manner with a very high transaction speed. In addition, Ferrum cuts excess transaction costs to its users. This makes transactions in Ferrum cheaper than other platforms. There is no mining activity provided by Ferrum so that to obtain its digital token, FRM, users can conduct exchange transactions through Kudi Exchange. This is an exchange platform built specifically by Ferrum as a more complete multi-cryptocurrency trading medium and a vast network.

Kudi Exchange can be said to be one of the products issued by Ferrum Network. This product manages transaction activities for various types of digital currencies. Users can use Kudi Exchange to buy new digital currencies or sell their digital assets. The process of trading digital currencies will take place quickly with exchange rates that are cheaper than other trading platforms. Kudi Exchange is a payment solution using fiat currency that is most appropriate for users. The advantages possessed by Kudi Exchange make it a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is widely used by West African residents and was the first to create a mobile digital wallet in the same area. With this wallet, users can buy digital assets using fiat currencies such as USD.

Other products also released by Ferrum Network are UniFyre Wallet. This is a digital wallet that functions to carry out transactions with various types of digital wallets that have the advantage of OTC trading without the risk of loss. In addition, this wallet also features instant market trading and safety features to prevent users from incurring losses due to accidents. This platform is designed with the ability to inform the value of digital currencies as well as the value of fiat currencies. Through this platform, the adoption of the use of digital currencies in the real world will be increasingly widespread. This is useful for expanding the network of digital currency coverage whose functions are adapted to fiat currencies. Users will be able to make payments using digital assets to shop products offline.

For more information:

Website: https://ferrum.network/

Whitepaper: http://whitepaper.ferrum.network/

Facebook: http://facebook.ferrum.network/

Telegram: https://twitter.com/FerrumNetwork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FerrumNetwork


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