Groundbreaking platform Zilliqa has a stellar Consensus 2019

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Zilliqa the first platform to implement the revolutionary sharding technology has had an amazing time at the Consensus 2019 event in New York.

The Zilliqa team at stellar year at Consensus, with Han Wen Chua and Sophia Fang, having an amazing presentation about the recent milestones achieved by the project. They even dropped the biggest news of the event by telling the Zilliqa smart contract will be enabled on June 10th!

But the show wasn’t all about Han and Sophia, Edison Lim gave a very in-depth and interest interview about the partnership with Project Proton and the benefits of blockchain in the digital advertisement sector. (The interview will be available in the coming days)

Sophia Fang also had a stand out interview the Jane King of the Nasdaq Marketsite about Zilliqa and what the project has in store for us going forward.

Overall the team managed to impress the media and crypto projects alike with their professionalism and technology behind the Zilliqa project, the concept of sharding drew huge crowds and helped gain a lot more supporters for the technology and project.

The future is looking very bright for the project as more companies and projects want to implement the power of sharding, now we just need to wait for the smart contract and reap the rewards of the team’s hard work.

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