Hilux, and undervalued and innovative next gen cryptocurrency.

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The search for good crypto currencies lead us to Hilux.

In our search for good altcoins we encountered Hilux, a peer-to-peer decentralized crypto-currency with a supply of only 21,000,000 HLX, allowing for easy value comparison with market leader Bitcoin. However, Hilux offers extra features compared to Bitcoin: Hilux is a Proof of Work Hybrid coin with a X16r algorithm and its blockchain offers Hilux Masternodes to investors with an annual ROI of 460,75%. Still, with a MN collateral of only 1,000 HLX, a Hilux masternode is affordable for even smaller investors and is currently priced with a huge bear market discount at only 0.00230 BTC. It positions Hilux for a huge rally in the coming altcoin season.

After our basic research we decided to learn more about this promising coin and joined the Hilux discord server, where we were easily able to find all the necessary tools to do our more expanded research before investing in the project.

Another important tool for any investor is to check out whether the crypto project has an ANN thread. Hilux offers all the basic information on its official Bitcointalk ANN thread, another important item on our checklist.

fig 1. Hilux Coin Specifications

Hilux Genesis Block

The Hilux Genesis Block dates from 2018–07–13 22:38:58 and we can therefore conclude that the developer who started this project didn’t abandon it when times got tough. Known in the crypto community as swatchie-1, the lead dev stayed on board the ship and continued developing his project. This resulted in a wide range of extra coin features and a lot of information for us to research.

So what does Hilux offer to an investor?

Besides the amazing return on investment of 460,75%, Hilux also offers a wallet for each investor, with a wide range from Windows, MaC, Linux, Web, Raspberry Pi and Discord wallet, to even an excellent and user friendly Android Multi-Wallet. Hilux is well prepared for the next phase of crypto storage and payment: mobile phones. Whatever wallet you choose, your coins are always safe in a Hilux wallet.

For non masternode investors, Hilux offers a decent 40% Block Reward for mining HLX. 60% of the Block reward goes to the Masternode Investors, as they play a more crucial role in keeping the Hilux Blockchain safe, compared to the secure mining that also discourages any hackers.

Furthermore, Hilux has a vibrant community, where an investor can keep track of the project’s new developments and even talk to the lead developer, the team members and the community, who will always transparently reply to your questions.

The Hilux Marketing Plan

To create this great community, Hilux had to invest a lot of time, funding and effort into its marketing plan, which included social media but also posting their coin sats on crypto websites like Masternodes Online, Coingecko and many others. The lead dev gave an interview which is posted on youtube and lots of people did a coin review. Hilux offers its community and investors three superior block explorers and a masternode installer script. On top of that the Hilux project has a unique marketplace.

The Hilux Marketplace

Hilux aims to become a payment solution in the retail market. To enter the retail market, Hilux needed to develop a safe mobile wallet application. This resulted in Hilux’ development of the Hilux Android Multi-Wallet, a ground breaking technology and one of the market leaders in this field.

fig 2. Hilux Android Multi-Wallet

To allow for adoption by the retail sector, Hilux has decided to respect the well known industry standards, like QR code scanning. We believe that the just started crypto bullmarket will lead to more practical solutions that allow people to use crypto currencies as a medium of exchange and not only as a speculative asset. Crypto will replace fiat and this will result in retail adoption, allowing people to pay with crypto currencies for goods and services. To prepare for this coming demand due to an expanding crypto infrastructure, Hilux has taken a progressive strategy by working ahead of the curve and focusses strongly on mass adoption.

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