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Liracoin has just announced that it will launch a new application that allows you to pay in Bitcoin with a simple iOS or Android application.

According to the video released today on YouTube by Liracoin (, this application will allow users to pay in Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency) using the NFC technology of its smartphone.

The transaction is carried out by approaching the payment terminal’s smartphone (like a conventional contactless credit card) and runs in seconds.

The transaction is completely transparent to the merchant, who will not even know that the user has just paid in Bitcoin, for him it is a normal payment in its local currency.


We have often seen ICOs or projects on the internet talking about similar technology, but so far no company or organization has put a viable, secure and functional application on the market.

Liracoin seems to be really advanced in the development of this technology because in the video released today (in the end) we can see a user make a live transaction with the Liracoin beta application.

We will make a new topic on this promising application in the coming weeks.



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