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Development Update

The Forecast Foundation dev team is back at it again, working hard on the current sprint, Geriatric Garlic. The work in this sprint has focused on the usual suspects, but developers have also been moved around to focus on some interesting parts of the project.

To begin, last week the hard call was made to pull back on the early release of the new UI redesign, and to incorporate it into the v2 release instead. While this was a little disappointing for those working to get it shipped, it gave them a chance to redirect efforts at the long process of integrating with the V2 contracts, as well as to begin in earnest at making the v2 middleware API. A significant portion of the team has been working on the latter during this sprint.

The following work is being completed:

  • Consolidating new log processing, API Server (both in browser and standalone), High Level APIs, and API connectors that handle working with different API servers. This new module is called @augurproject/sdk and it will be the one-stop shop for developers to interact with augur.
  • Creating a semi-functioning build for the legacy Augur Node that can read data from the v2 contracts in the new formats. This new code uses the same backend as the middleware re-write, which is based on ethers.js.
  • Began gutting the UI and preparing for the new integration points in @augurproject/sdk.
  • Done an absolutely massive amount of changes to the way the Continuous Integration and testing systems operate. All Augur systems are now run through Microsoft Azure CI, and are being tuned and optimized to make this as fast as possible for the dev team.

While this work is underway, a small portion of the UI team has spent some time finishing up most of the work for the final few builds of Augur App. The plan is to release this build later this week or early next week. It will include some new filtering and sorting, designed to help people understand markets which are likely to be invalid, as well as new messaging regarding the v2 launch plan.

As for contracts? DAI Savings Rate support has been completed and has just finished code review.

Check out the Github milestone for Geriatric Garlic for more information.

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