Authpaper Encryption Method for Building Business Integrity

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In the past to send an important document, we often use post office services. This shipping method will certainly take a long time, along with a fairly expensive cost. Over time, along with the development of technology. Delivery of a number of important documents can be done through electronic media, or what we usually call e-mail. But this electronic media also has a number of weaknesses. This weakness is like providing security facilities that have not been fully standardized. Therefore, at this time Authpaper, as a cryptocurrency platform, offers a number of virtual shipping services with adequate or standardized security facilities.

Besides integrating blockchain technology as its main technology. Authpaper also integrates BT, Cryptography and several other technological components to support peer-to-peer digital data transmission facilities. With this integration, Authpaper is able to provide shipping facilities in secret or not confidential, depending on the wishes of the recipient. For users who send with an encryption mechanism, they will get a number of prizes from Authpaper coin. Because it has actively contributed to building platform quality. This confidential data transmission is certainly supported by decentralized blockchain technology.

The advantage seen from Authpaper coin, is the process of encrypting the data. Where all data to be sent will be encrypted twice by two encryption keys. Please note that, encrypting data is the process of changing or randomizing an original data and storing it in a safe place. This is done to avoid cyber attack strategies that attempt to steal information contained in a virtual document. This data change only takes place when the data is transmitted. But when it reaches the recipient, the transmitted data will return to its original form. Therefore, this process proves that Authpaper not only provides security facilities in the form of passwords, but also carries out other security strategies.

The encryption key will be sent via e-mail or other trusted channel. This key will be sent to the recipient’s e-mail and will not be read by the attacker because the key is sent in an encrypted form.

The sender will send data using the BT protocol with the support of magnetic links and Mainline DHT. Such a mechanism will save user costs, because the sender can send data with a size more than 10 TB. In the process of sending the recipient is also not required to activate the internet (online).

Authpaper decision by giving a number of gifts to the sender who is sending data encrypted. In no way is the strategy implemented by Authpaper to attract the interest of its customers. Besides that, this can also improve Authpaper’s service quality. Because later the income will be obtained, both from the sale of tokens and shipping services will be used to build and develop the facilities contained on the platform. Development of facilities will also have a big influence on the speed of delivery.

Basically there are two methods used to do encryption, namely symmetrical and asymmetrical algorithms. Where symmetric algorithms use keys or codes that are identical to the computers involved in sending messages. Whereas asymmetric algorithms use public keys and private keys. Based on the explanation of the two algorithms above, Authpaper encryption currently uses the Advanced Encryption Standard standard, with 256-bit key types for symmetric encryption and 251-bit keys with cryptic curve cryptography used for digital signatures, and exchange keys (ECDSA and ECDH). But basically the two types of algorithms are indeed recommended by the NIST (National Institute of Standars and Technology).

Data sent with the encryption method. It will automatically be deleted by the platform, after transmitting the data it runs smoothly and has passed the verification phase of the recipient. This convenience is also added with proof of certification provided by the platform. To test the authenticity of the data, the user can also send the recipient’s digital signature, which will be stored by Authpaper.

The various facilities that users get, are also inseparable from the role of the Authpaper analyst team which has been conducting research on issues related to the process of sending important documents. This research is certainly not only done in one country. But it is also carried out in several potential countries, such as the United States, which has been known for the mobility of data transmission. This proves that the Authpaper project is a project that can eliminate various social problems and integrity in the business world.

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