Guide to mining MicroBitcoin on your desktop / laptop (Nvidia GPU Mining)

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MicroBitcoin GPU Mining Guide for Nvidia

This is a simple guide on setting up a GPU miner on your desktop or laptop that runs a Nvidia or AMD graphics card.

Step 1: Go to the link below and download the ccminer_52.exe file
*make sure that you are on the latest version of the miner*

(you may need to exclude the file from the virus scanner)

Step 2: Create a wallet for obtaining MicroBitcoin
*make sure it is a mainnet wallet*
*make sure to keep the private key SAFE*

Step 3: Create mbc.bat file

  • Open notepad program
  • Add the below text and replace “YOUR WALLET ADDRESS HERE” with the address from the created wallet
  • This part of the text “stratum+tcp://”will depend on which pool and port is used.

ccminer_52.exe -a rfv2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR WALLET ADDRESS HERE -p c=MBC

*make sure there is a space after the wallet address*

  • In the menu, go to File > Save As
  • Select “All Files “ under Save as type:
  • Name the file as mbc.bat and then select Save

*Pools with higher hashrates can be harder to get rewards. Try switching to a pool with a lesser hashrate*

For more pools, check the following list:
SkyPool (

ZergPool (

Z Pool (

MoricPool (

Sonox (

TheTechnicalsPool (

Step 5: Start Mining!

  • Open that bat file and mining should begin automatically
    *both the unzipped ccminer.exe and mbc.bat files should be in the same folder*
    *closing the file will stop mining*



  • Coins obtained from mining can only be transferred after 100 blocks later.
  • Ex. if you mine 1 block. You can transfer those coins only after block 101.
    *if it takes longer than 100 blocks. Be patient. It will eventually show up once the pools release the coins*
  • Check your wallet amount on the MBC block explorer



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