Innova Mine: Mine Crypto and Make Profits with 100% Trading Commissions

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Mining and trading crypto are now possible under one platform – Innova Mine. The company is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to undertake cloud mining service and cryptocurrency trading. Specifically, it focuses on mining and trading Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Innova Mine boasts an experienced workforce with a proven track record in the tech industry. Members of the team are also enthusiastic crypto fanatics who strongly believe in the future of digital coins. With such a resilient team and the unique business model adopted by the company, Innova Mine strives to become a leading player in the cryptocurrency mining arena by the year of 2020.

Mining Plans Available

Innova Mine mining contracts come in four plans for every algorithm: SHA 256, Script and Ethash. Each plan has its unique specifications, and the details are:

Bitcoin Mining Contract produces up to $153.84 worth of BTC per 10TH/s, with a minimum hashrate of 1.3TH/s, using an Antminer s15 hardware,

Ethereum Mining contract produces $40.00 worth of ETH per MH/s, with a minimum hashrate of 5MH/s, using an Innova Mine GPU Rigs hardware,

Litecoin Mining contract produces $6.66 worth of LTC per 10 MH/s with a minimum hashrate of 30MH/s, using Antminer 1.3 hardware,

Bitcoin Cash contract produces up to $153.84 per 10 TH/s with a minimum hashrate of 5 TH/s, using an Antminer s9 and s15 hardware.

The standard contract for all the four mining contracts is for two years, and the price is final since the maintenance fee is included.

When it comes to payouts, miners will automatically receive the coins that they chose to mine in the contract. uses algorithms to allocate miners the most productive and fastest pools as compensation for a probable loss in hashing power. The allocation helps in avoiding any loss of mining capability, especially in the course of generating new blocks.

Illustrative Video Introduction

Innova Mine has an instructional video on its platform that provides basic tutorials on what the company does. Users who want to understand the mining process of the company and any other details about their investment can watch the video and get very insightful information. Specifically, it provides a vivid exposition on how miners can make money from crypto mining.

Check out the video:

Cryptocurrency Trading System is not just a mining company but also a cryptocurrency trading platform that is duly registered. Users who want to trade their digital coins can access their accounts from the trading page’s dashboard and use the platform to trade in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC). To diversify the available options of crypto trading, the company intends to add more digital currencies for more inclusivity.

Easy-to-Trade Platform

Trading on the platform is quite easy. The process must first start with depositing crypto into your account. Obviously as currently constituted, the coins should be Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. Then, you’ll have to complete the following steps:

Click on the trading button located in your account’s dashboard area;

Identify and select the crypto you want to buy or sell;

Choose if you want to buy or sell;

Type your trading volume;

Choose if you are trading from your balance or from the processing.

The company directs all profits accruing from trading system commissions to the mining profits of the users. Therefore, regardless of the situations, miners will always earn.

Incremental Referral Commissions

Users with blogs and websites stand a good chance of earning a referral commission from Innova Mine through affiliate marketing. Any referred member who signs up to the platform entitles the referee to a 5% commission which varies with the account level and increases with each referral made.

Get 100%

In an unprecedented act of altruism, channels all trading commissions accrued from the platform to its users’ accounts. Essentially, when users trade, any commissions that should be channeled to management are diverted as earnings to the miner. Such an act of selflessness provides the company with a competitive advantage over its competitors and endears it to most prospective miners. So, one way or another, users of the Innova Mine platform will always win.

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