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In preparation for the upcoming CryptoChicks Special Event (which starts on May 31, 6PM UTC and has a 200 DAI prize, so chop chop subscribe now!), and the launch of new and exciting in-game features on early June we’d like you to have a resource to serve as a guide for your adventures on the CryptoWars realm thus we welcome you to our brand new wiki!

You can find the wiki at, and from now on, it’ll serve as a knowledge base for all things CryptoWars related.

Overwhelmed by the dashboard? We have an article for that. Wondering where you enter your ETH address? We have an article for that. Not sure about what some building is used for? We have an article for that. Clueless about the differences between types of troops in your army? We have an article for that. Everything gets an article!

Besides articles covering how to setup your account or listing the different types of buildings, troops, and researches available we’re now serving some insight on how the battle system works with some strategies that are not only useful for newcomers, but also can be of help to players who got battle-scarred on previous tournaments. There’s also some spoilers about what lays ahead, see if you can find them.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, check the wiki, join the conversation on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord, and hit us with your best feedback about the new CryptoWarspedia or anything else realm related you want to share with us.

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