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The telecommunication network service implemented by Miracle Tele is MVNO. This is because Miracle Tele is a digital platform that not only has a function focus in providing telecommunication networks, but also to use a payment system through cryptocurrency or digital currency. The type of currency imposed by Miracle Tele is TELE. This currency is distributed in the form of digital tokens. Every service provided by Miracle Tele is paid using TELE tokens. The rates are also tailored to users in general. Affordable prices to obtain quality services are only provided by Miracle Tele. This business model is now growing which makes this platform continue to have responsibility for improving performance and service quality.

Service Concept of Conventional Cellular Telephone Operators

Most people use cellular telephone network services that come from SIM cards. This SIM card is issued by various types of cell phone operator companies in the world. The amount is very high and the facilities offered are also diverse. All of them compete with each other to get customers’ attention by luring the lure of the day. However, most of them only gave false promises that were never realized. To use conventional operator network services, users usually have to enter into a contract with the provider of the service or at least provide a statement that the customer is ready to comply with all the terms and conditions that have been set after they fill out personal data. This contract is only valid for a short period of time, around 1 to 2 years, depending on each operator.

Users have a higher risk by using this conventional operator network service. If the customer is proven to violate the conditions they have agreed at the beginning of the agreement, the customer must bear a high fine. Usually customers do not realize that they committed a violation and surprisingly they get a notification that there has been a violation by that user. This seems unfair and overrides transparency. Users can be subject to sanctions for revocation of cellular telephone network services during the specified period. A common problem often faced by customers is very high roaming costs. This is borne by customers when they make connections between countries and must pay roaming fees to telecommunications networks that have connected calls between countries. There are still a lot of other problems that are lacking in conventional cellular telephone operator services. Even so, it cannot be denied that they have a clearer and stronger network structure that is more resistant to various types of interference.

Concept of Non-Blockchain MVNO Service

Unlike the case with conventional cellular telephone operators, operators that implement virtual network concepts such as MVNO but are not connected with blockchain technology are a bit more friendly to users. However, this type of network still has disadvantages, one of which is not providing a reward system. Users do not get any prizes from this type of operator, either in the form of fiat money or other forms of gifts. Prizes given are usually in the form of additional quota facilities such as free SMS, free phone duration, and free data.

Another disadvantage is that the rates they set are unstable. This causes the assessment of this type of operator to be not good because it is considered not transparent in terms of tariffs. So users can think that operators apply their arbitrary rates.

Solutions Offered by Blockchain-Based MVNO

Miracle Tele is an icon of the blockchain-based virtual network operator. This platform applies the payment concept “Pay as You Go”. That is, users pay for Miracle Tele services according to what they use. There is no limit on SMS quota, call, data and more. Rates have been set uniformly for the entire area that is passed by the network. That way, users only need to pay bills according to the amount of service they have used. The advantage of using this SIM card is that users do not need to face the contract system. They also do not require customers to provide their personal data. Only certain data is required when registering for a card through the Miracle Tele website to activate the service. Customers have greater freedom through this platform service. They can use any type of SMS application they want and don’t have to use the original SMS application. Users can also choose the cellphone number that they want and then register with Miracle Tele.

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