Technical Roundup #20: Mining Rewards – Papyrus

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To incentivize Authority Nodes participation In Papyrus Network, Nodes receive token rewards for each block, which they include in the blockchain. That is why the next technical challenge for our RnD Blockchain team was to implement Rewards.

Implementing mining rewards may look easy at first: just simply deposit a reward to each block creator (aka sealer or miner) that you accept. But there is a twist. The block creator account, that initially was in coinbase field of every block’s header, is not anymore in PoA implementation Clique, that we are based on. In Clique, no block reward was designed, so the coinbase field is reused for other tasks.

Thus the critical problem of reward implementation — how exactly can we provide rewards for the Node if we do not know which node was found the block? What can we do to make it fast and simple?

We found a solution. The sealer puts cryptographic signature into the block it produces. We can take it and recover the public key that the sealer used to sign the block. And when we have the public key, we convert it into the address that we deposit the reward to.

Exactly this elegant solution we implemented and tested in this iteration.

More details related to Papyrus Network architecture considerations you can find in our Docs library:

For even more follow us on the github to see our Papyrus Network repository in the list of pinned repos:

Additionally, we have deployed and tested our patched version of the POA Bridge. The POA Bridge is an interoperability protocol where users can transfer value (ERC20 compatible tokens and network coins) between chains in the Ethereum and Papyrus ecosystems. This bridge helps papyrus token holders to transfer tokens from Ethereum network to the Papyrus Network (it supports backward transferring too).

Step by step, we are approaching the full launch of our network. Follow our updates to be the first to find out about the latest news about our R&D department.

Stay tuned!

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