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For those who want to send documents in destinations both at home and abroad safely and practically, they can choose the service options provided by Authpaper. Authpaper is a freight forwarding company, especially documents with high level security standards. They really understand very well the content of a document that is very valuable even its value can exceed even the price of jewelry. This makes the security factor highly preferred to be provided with quality that is already professional. Not only risking the good name of the company, the document delivery service they run will also determine the fate of the company that acts as the sender and recipient of the document. If the document falls into the wrong hands, this will certainly cause huge losses that must be borne by each party. Therefore, the technology provided by Authpaper must be able to clearly demonstrate the reliability and truly maintain the confidential value of the document so that it does not reach those who do not have the authority to find out.

Authpaper has the urgency to increase the value of user trust in the quality of its service platform. This is because Authpaper is still classified as a new digital start up platform that was founded in August 2018 ago. It is very important for Authpaper to continue to improve the quality of its services in various ways to realize their mission, one of which is to become the most reliable platform for document delivery systems. They have gone through a number of testing processes on the performance of technology systems that carry out digital document sending operations. The concept of shipping like this is very interesting because it provides more benefits and supports many functions that have not been available in the freight forwarding company.

In addition to ensuring system reliability through the launch of programs that are divided into several versions, Authpaper has also been directly audited by Callisto’s Security Audit Department. Callisto is a digital platform that also has its own type of cryptocurrency which is engaged in the research and development of references to the implementation of blockchain technology. In short, it can be said that this platform has the main task to evaluate the performance of various cryptocurrency digital platforms on their ability to expand the adoption of digital currencies. As for the material that was audited by Callisto was the smart contract security system in transactions using the Authpaper coin. By getting the results of an audit by Callisto, Authpaper can adjust the system that is still in constraints with updates that will make its function more optimal. That way, the quality of services will increase over time where there will always be changes in people’s demand and conditions in the field.

This platform has been operating for more or less for almost 9 months. During this period, Authpaper focused more on running its digital asset sales program in the form of AUPC coins. Coin sales are divided into several periods and the program is still ongoing at this time. According to the information contained on the official website regarding coin sales, the sales period will last for the next 92 days. So far, Authpaper has managed to sell 8% of the amount of coins they distribute to trade. The minimum target for coins sold (soft cap) is 25 million AUPCs. At the same time, Authpaper is also currently holding an Airdrop program. This program allows users to obtain AUPC coins for free. At present, the coins that have been distributed for the Airdrop program are 12%. This period can be terminated if it has reached the deadline for implementation or if it has reached a minimum of 5 million AUPC.

Authpaper implements a payment system using exchanges with Ethereum (ETH) currencies. This is because ETH has better prospects according to them compared to other types of digital currencies. This is a special advantage for owners of ETH digital assets because they can exchange it with 1 ETH coin to get 1,000 AUPC coins. Overall, Authpaper issues 400 million AUPC coins. The maximum amount they spend on trafficking is approximately 250 million AUPC. Their target is to be able to obtain at least 250 thousand ETH from the sale of their digital assets. A great hope is to get benefits that are more dependent on this sales activity. This is their reason for distributing most of the coins to be traded to users.

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