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This week we’ve seen a lot of great developments here at Bybit, as well as the beginning of our largest trading competition to date. These competitions have been a lot of fun for both us and our users so be ready for them to continue into the future. Our trading competition, sponsored by our Japanese office, saw over 2,000 registrations and at only 12 hours into the competition many users are at almost 100% profit on their initial equity. The competition will last through June 15th with rewards for the Top 100 participants being distributed on June 20th.

There is a lot of big news about the platform itself this week, starting with the announcement from our CEO Ben Zhou on Twitter that you can cancel the order confirmation window so that it no longer appears every time you make an order entry and the order confirmation window now remembers your previous order quantity and order type so you can quickly input new orders.

In other big news for Bybit, the desktop and mobile sites will both use a new memory based ordering system which will greatly improve the speed of placing orders, they both will feature an upgraded order execution push which significantly reduce any latency on the user end. The API has been upgraded again and now supports close on trigger and reduce only order functions, which were both highly requested by our user base. EOSUSD and XRPUSD have been added to the mobile site, another major request by users, so that now you can trade all of our pairs on the go. The mobile site has also been optimized to automatically reconnect to our servers if an unexpected disconnection occurs.

The Japan Trading Competition page has additionally been optimized on the mobile site so that it includes the same functionality as the desktop site. On the desktop site, the withdrawal pop up window for EOS and XRP withdrawals has been optimized with the memo and tag reminders being emphasized so there are no mix-ups when making a withdrawal. In addition, the latest order quantity, order type, execution strategy and other data will be automatically displayed after refreshing the desktop site so that users no longer have to reset them manually. Finally, the color in the price chart will now match the color in the order book on desktop so there is no confusion when checking prices during trading.

Finally, don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for more updates about the Bybit platform, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Reddit and Quora for all of the latest info on Bybit, your favorite derivatives trading platform!

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