Advantages of Authpaper Delivery over online storage solutions and IPFS

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When people talk about file sharing, most of them will think of online storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, or peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing like BitTorrent and eMule. People who are close to crypto world may know InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), which creates a P2P method of “storing and sharing hypermedia in a distributed file system”. With so many similar solutions, why Authpaper Delivery will still stand out?

Authpaper Delivery targets on private huge data delivery. The difference in objectives creates big advantages of Authpaper Delivery over other solutions.

The advantages of Authpaper Delivery over online storage like Dropbox, Google Drive and Network Attached Storage (NAS) are obvious : Privacy and Speed.

By default, data stored on online storage is not encrypted. It means that all files stored on Dropbox or Google Drive are known to them. It is actually good for searching and data analysis. But if a file is private, like source code of a commercial program, cloud storage is not an option.

NAS and share drives allow private data sharing in internal network. But the speed is very limited by the upload speed of the servers. The same limitation also hosts for cloud storage.

Authpaper Delivery provides unlimited download speed to deliver data as the data distribution is done by peers using BitTorrent protocol. It is much faster than getting data from an individual server. All delivered data is encrypted before sharing out to the network so that no one except the recipient can read it.

The advantage of Authpaper Delivery over normal P2P file sharing is that peers have incentive to assist others As discussed in previous articles and whitepaper, our platform issues new coins to pay peers for assisting data delivery in other swarms. Hence they are willing to join the swarms on the data they cannot read. Compare with using BitTorrent or eDonkey or BitTorrent Sync, this platform guarantee more peers to speedup the confidential data delivery.

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and Filecoin are very similar with this platform. Yet the incentive model and the method of handling data is much different.

Both IPFS and Authpaper Delivery uses BitTorrent to distribute the data. But what IPFS creates is a content-addressable, peer-to-peer distributed file system. Without going to the technical details, one may think that IPFS is a huge file system, everyone can download or upload data there. The whole file system is kept in a BitTorrent swarm, so peers can help supporting the IPFS by joining the swarm. As long as there is a seed, all data in IPFS will still available. The data in IPFS cannot be modified, if you would like to change a file, you are actually submitting a commit to the related objects.

Authpaper Delivery does not use a huge file system to keep everything, it keeps a lot of swarms. For each delivery job, a swarm is created. Peers join the swarm and assists the delivery. When the job is finished, all peers will leave the swarm for another job and hence the data will disappear on the network. Hence any data submitted to the Authpaper Delivery platform is only present during the delivery. After the delivery, only the delivery record is kept (on Blockchain). Peers in Authpaper Delivery do not need to have all the data, they just keep the data of some of the delivery jobs. Also there is no file editing or versioning. If a file is edited, it needs to be sent out again as a new file.

Comparing IPFS and Authpaper Delivery is like comparing a huge storeroom and a post office. In terms of secret data delivery, we have the following advantages :

No data in our platform is kept forever, only the delivery record is kept forever.

Storage requirements on peers is much lower, as they only keep the data on the jobs they are doing.

Each delivery job is separated with no chance of cross file contamination, with unforgeable delivery record.

Filecoin is built based on IPFS to provide a blockchained-based cooperative digital storage network. Peers join the network and profit by renting out their hard drive space. They have also created a Proof-of-Replication mechanism to make sure peers are really keeping the file.

Peers in our platform profits by joining a swarm to assist a delivery job. They only keep a data for a relatively short period of time. They have to keep the data otherwise they have nothing to deliver to the recipient, hence having no reward. They will distribute the data as much as possible to increase the chance of sending data to the recipient. And once the delivery job is completed (no reward is available anymore), they will delete the data to free up space for another job.

In terms of data delivery, our platform is better than Filecoin in the following:

Peers profits in a job-by-job basic, so they are more active and stay on the network for longer time.

Peers with smaller storage can also profit a lot, as long as they are working frequently.

Data transmission is expected to be much faster, as peers have incentive to join as many swarms as they can.

Filecoin is a really great cooperative digital storage and we believe it will replace Dropbox and Google Cloud. However, when it goes to data delivering and sharing, Authpaper Delivery has it own advantages.

Authpaper ICO result and schedule update:

Authpaper Coin (AUPC) crowd-sale has ended on 15 Dec 2018. We would like to thanks all our supporters on helping this project. Without their supports, this project is not more than a daydreaming by the management team.

Authpaper raised USD 750,000 and 0.6 Ether in total in this campaign, below the targeted soft cap USD 1 million. USD 500,000 came from pre-sales, which was done among the previous customers of Authpaper and friends of the management team. USD 250,000 came from direct sales by our sales team, they are doing good. 0.6 Ether came from the public. We believe the result is still good as the current cryptocurrency market is very bad and we are newbies in digital marketing. We have learnt a lot.

After detailed discussion with management team and pre-sales supporters, this project will have the following updates:

The development of Authpaper Platform will still go on. But the alpha and beta release of the platform will be delayed by two months (15 April 2019 and 15 July 2019). It is because we need to allocate more resources on current businesses to earn money to support development.

For supporters from public sales, we will contact them for refund, as long as they are willing to send us back the Authpaper Coin (account for USD 230,000 and 0.6 Ether). For those who have not received the AUPC (account for USD 20,000), we will refund directly. They can also decide to keep the AUPC for our services and Authpaper Delivery platform when it is released.

For pre-sales supporters, we have arranged an agreements that the money will become a pre-payment to use our services (online system, professional services, and maintenance fee to the solutions they are using) and pre-order of Authpaper Stamp, the currency of the Authpaper Delivery platform.

For supporters who gain AUPC from bounty program and registering on our website (, they can keep the AUPC and spend it inside our website, or exchange for Authpaper Stamp when it is released.

Authpaper Coin will remind valid, holders can use it for our online services. The remaining coins in the pre-sales and crowdsales sections (160M tokens minus the distributed tokens) will be burnt before 31 Dec 2018.

The allocations of the remaining coins will be rearranged. We will greatly reduce the portion owned by the management team so that more people can own AUPC.

From now to Feb 2018, we will release our current solutions to public as online services. There will be three solutions, document stamping for online checking, document holding proof for offline checking, and coupon solution (with mobile applications). The first one is already released.

Authpaper will do another round of coin sale from March to July. Raised money will be used for listing the coin on at least two exchanges, and marketing for the Authpaper Delivery platform. It will be smart-contract based so we only accept Ethereum.

People can still purchase AUPC on individual bases before the next round of crowd sale.


With a vision of building trust across real and digital world, Authpaper limited has been providing software solutions on e-document anti-forgery based and testing web and mobile applications against common cyberattacks. The core technology inside Authpaper Limited is based on an award-winning research project Authpaper by Solon during his research study. Authpaper Limited also developes blockchain-based solutions for their clients. Recently, an e-document blockchain signing solution is created which allows users to circulate and sign a document, all signatures are certified by solicitors and signing records are stored on blockchain. Authpaper Limited is research oriented company, holding at least one PCT patent already since founding 2 years ago.

There are ways to deliver data via digital channels like emails, BitTorrent, instant messaging and centralized servers. However, only physical mailing allows the document to be confidential, provides trustworthy mailing record, and easy to use. Hence, it is still dominant even in this highly digitalized world.

In the era of information technology, technology advancements have changed human lives by a lot. However, document delivery, especially commercial and important ones, are still following years old methods, physical mailing. Physical mailing takes a lot of time and spends a lot of resources.

Besides, it is well-known that all printed documents/ credentials are potentially subject to forgery. Every year, billions USD has lost directly due to document fraud.

In this project, we would like to combine blockchain and other current technologies to build a peer-to-peer digital data delivery platform. All data delivered is confidential except the specified recipients. Data is verified to be unchanged down to every single bit.

Operations on the data are properly done and recorded among the peers so that the delivery histories are public verifiable yet unforgeable. Peers are rewarded by delivering the digital data and helping to run the platform with good will.

This platform also works as a decentralized document certification and circulation system. It allows users to issue documents under their email / name and send to other like certificates. Authorized people can “sign” a data (e.g. contract) from others and cannot deny it afterwards. The protection can be readily extended to even the physical copies, with our award-winning document authentication technology.

Authpaper coins (AUPC) (ERC-20 based) is released in this ICO to raise fund for development and testing of the platform. When the platform is ready, investors can exchange the AUPC to the stamps in Authpaper delivery platform and enjoy the service.

Authpaper Project Updates:

It has been three months after the last round of token sales. In the previous round, we have collected support on the software development. Hence, we have started the development of the Authpaper Delivery project. We target to release the alpha version in April.

In 2019, we have also completed some smart contract development jobs to increase income. So, the project development is stable. We are also working on the online document printable certification and will release soon.

For those who are new to this project, Authpaper Delivery aims to build a platform which delivers secrets with trust and verify.

In the era of information technology, document delivery, especially commercial and compliance ones, and huge data transfer, like system migration and forensic investigations, are still following years old methods, physical mailing. Physical mailing takes a lot of time and spends a lot of resources. Authpaper Delivery combines blockchain, BT, cryptography and other current technologies to build a peer-to-peer digital data delivery platform. The data is encrypted before sending to BT for delivery. It is confidential except the specified recipients and is verified to be unchanged down to every single bit. All delivery records are kept on blockchain so that they are public verifiable yet unforgeable. Peers join swarms of different jobs to tremendously increase the delivery speed. They cannot read the data but receive coins on blockchain as rewards for helping the delivery.

Token Sale:

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept ETH payments.

Starting Time : 10 MAR 2019

Ending Time : 15 AUG 2019 (Anywhere in the world)

Soft cap : 25,000 ETH

Hard cap : 250,000 ETH

Token : AUPC Token

Exchange Rate : 1 ETH = 1000 AUPC

Max Supply : 400,000,000 AUPC

Token Distribution:

It is also possible to have a static supply with a dynamic funding goal, in which the distribution of tokens will be made according to the funds received.


The use of crypto-currencies has become more widespread, and they are now increasingly accepted as a legitimate currency for transactions.

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