Your small piece of code matters — Ethereal Virtual Hackathon

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Ethereal Virtual Hackathon is finished. It was my first Virtual Hackathon so I’d like to share some thoughts about it.

It was good!

A couple of weeks earlier I attended Odyssey Hackathon. To me, it felt like a certain stylish event, where you can’t feel that your small piece of code makes a difference and your solution is appreciated. It felt more like a “glitter show” rather than a hackathon. Ethereal Virtual Hackathon was different.

How it was

There were a number of sponsors, which had a number of issues. Each sponsor had different rules for their own issues, e.g. Microsoft has chosen only one solution, only one winner per issue. On the other hand, some sponsors had two or three winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd places). There were issues with different levels of complexity — some with 1-day effort, some requiring 1–2 weeks; some were difficult to solve on your own, so teams were solving those.

All issues were registered in Gitcoin. Requirements and rules for issues were defined, so things were quite transparent to me. Before taking up an issue, you could read everything and decide whether to participate or not.

Developers applied, solved and proposed solutions in Pull Requests.

While solving issues you could reach out to all sponsors via Discord and discuss whatever needed. It was convenient.


There are lots of proposed solutions, you can find them all in GitHub.


I’ve applied and proposed solutions for 4 issues:

  1. Azure Key Vault and Nethereum from Microsoft

Serverless solution for signing a transaction by PrivateKey from Key Vault and sending the transaction to the blockchain.

Pull Request

The solution is generic, you can send a transaction for Ether’s transfer as well as a transaction for Smart Contract’s execution.

2. Supply Chain — Shipping Container Smart Contract Sample from Microsoft

Design and develop a shipping container smart contract, which might contain different products with different owners, etc. The container has a complicated structure, with storage of outside data and a notification mechanism of sub-products.

I’ve proposed a minimalistic solution, which doesn’t exactly cover the requirements, but solves an issue in a simple way.

Pull Request

The application won, I think, mainly because of lack of competition )

3. Build An Awesome MythX Tool — Category IDEs And Code Editors from MythX

Integrate MythX with any IDE (Remix, Embark, Sublime Text, Atom, Vim, IntelliJ, Tron Studio)

Pull Request

I’ve proposed a solution for Remix browser IDE.

4. Build An Awesome MythX Tool — Category Freestyle from MythX


Pull Request

I’ve built a solution for scanning of all contracts on Ethereum mainnet. It is a simple processing pipeline with UI, where everyone can find a security report for smart contracts. It is open, you can find it here.


It was an awesome event, but I think there wasn’t enough competition. I’d rather prefer to see more submissions so that the best is chosen!


I’m gonna write separate posts with more details about my submissions.

See you next hackathon!!!

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