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Zrocor not only performs its platform functions as a provider of pilot business empowerment facilities but also supports economic empowerment through digital currencies. As a digital platform that adopts blockchain technology, Zrocor utilizes the use of digital assets in the services and facilities they provide. They have created their own kind of digital eyes called ZCOR. This currency is in the form of a digital token with a level of security that is nothing to worry about. This high level of security will make this token safe and easy to transfer to other cryptocurrency users. Blockchain technology will provide the maximum protection to ward off all possible attacks from opponents. That way, tokens can be sent safely without the need to face a handful of risks.

The main function of this ZCOR token is to perfect transaction procedures from one user to another. This token will support every exchange transaction with many other types of cryptocurrency. ZCOR will also make it easier for the owner to get more services from Zrocor with fees paid using this digital token. The ZCOR Token is based on the ERC-20 protocol type. This is the standard type of many types of digital tokens that will support smart contract systems. This token was created directly through a Zrocor subsidiary, ZERO404. Its use that is compatible and meets digital financial industry standards will make it easier to provide high liquidity.

There are several other uses that can be managed. There are many types of transactions that will take place on this platform so that a recording system is required for each transaction. This is done to have clear evidence if at any time this data is needed to support the investigation of a case. This recording will require more processes in the network of Zrocor technology. So that costs are needed to provide additional networks to support this process. This listing fee is adjusted to the size of the data and can be ascertained to be within a reasonable price range. The application of this fee is solely to support the empowerment of the Zrocor platform functions that users will also enjoy.

This platform also supports investment activities where every person who has an interest in the world of cryptocurrency can join and take advantage of facilities to invest. This is a profit opportunity that most digital asset owners use. Investments will bring in multiple profits in a relatively short period of time and will broadly introduce their names to the general public. Through investment using ZCOR, investors have the opportunity to make a profit and of course the recovery of the initial capital they have provided. Investors can get more ZCOR tokens so that they can use more facilities.

Users who want to join the federation network can register through the Zrocor website. There are a number of procedures that must be passed to make them one of the federation network participants. One way is to pay fees. This fee can be paid using ZCOR tokens which will directly be sent via a digital wallet to Zrocor’s account. Within this federation network, users can gamble on a number of their digital assets to obtain more ZCOR tokens. The betting function is provided on this platform and every user can be involved in it. Betting is done by maintaining the presence of ZCOR tokens in a digital wallet within a certain period of time. This bet can also be used as a temporary storage method for ZCOR tokens before being issued for exchange with other types of cryptocurrency.

Because this platform supports the business or entrepreneur empowerment function, this platform is connected to a number of online stores of each type of business they help to develop. Marketing of products or services is also done through this platform. Users can access these online stores to find the type of product they want to buy. Purchases can be made using ZCOR tokens and can get other services on this platform network. ZCOR tokens can also be used to access other Zrocor features that are presented through an exclusive application. If a user is registered in a club or community, membership fees can also be paid for using this token.

The many functions that are controlled by ZCOR tokens have given users more choices about the functions or facilities they want to use. Connections will always be connected by using this token in every digital transaction that is executed.

For more Reference:

Website: https://zrocor.com/
White paper: https://zrocor.com/whitepaper/zrocor-white-paper/
Telegram: https://t.me/zrocortalk
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ZROCOR
Twitter: https://twitter.com/zrocor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zrocor-384615155427428/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/11045201/admin/
GitHub: https://github.com/ZER0404

MY ETH ADDRESS: 0xa31cb54952d9dbdaf5546bcc7e43704819002693

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