Best Calculative helping concept with long sustainability and Eligibility helping structure.

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Best Calculative helping concept with long sustainability and Eligibility helping structure.

The Helpinging Plans are practiced in various methods GLobally. Helping is the technique utilized for generating healthy network cycle and is the most straightforward idea in the Marketing Industry. It encourages Corporate and businesses association to fire up and prevail in their business.


This is a well structured and calculated helping plan launching Globally. A fresh new concept with ideologies of long sustainability.

This is Eligibility helping system wherein the users can enjoy helping in a series level by level. Users have a chance to multiply their returns with no risk and no stress.

Helpmirror is a trusted and registered ( aidake Peegel limited (OÜ) business project organisation from Estonia. A team of crazy and passionate people willing to create an eco-system of multiple concepts and the Helpmirror is one of them.

Start with HelpMirror and Double help in return.

Easy create your account from anywhere in the world and get a free, secure and scalable helpmirror helper account.

  • Give Help of 0.01 BTC to start.
  • You can commit to give the help anytime and system will assign you receiver details in a short processing time.
  • Make the Payment to receiver details and wait for the confirmation of your payment from receiver.
  • Maturity of 25 Days
  • Your Portfolio with 25 days timeline will be created immediately after you commit.
  • You can place the Get Help request once the maturity days are completed with no transactional disputes.
  • Get Help X 2 time of your provided help
  • Once you submit the Get help request , the system will assign your portfolio Payment details to other active active providers who will collectively send you double of your helped amount
  • You will receive the funds directly to your mentioned BTC address or Payment Details.

Note : Don’t forget to Confirm the Payment received from provider in get help portfolio list

You should know this .

  • After user successfully completes the first level of giving 0.01 BTC / 5000 INR and get 0.02 BTC / 1000 INR , User will be eligible for Level 2 or Higher give help
  • In Level 2 User can Choose to Commit a Give help of 0.02 BTC / 10000 INR and Get help of 0.045 BTC / 25000 after 25 maturity days.
  • This will continue for next levels with greater Get help value in return.

Referral Program

Helpmirror allows a 30% of huge referral income on the Give help request of your downline.

For Example : If your Sponsor ( downline ) commits and provides help of 0.01 BTC / 5000 IN , you will get 30 % referral commision ( 0.0026 BTC/ 1500 INR ) .

The referral income will be received in Maturity list that can be requested to Get help after Maturity of 25 Days.

Much more Referral and other benefits are still in stack with the company discussion and will be launched shortly. There are new slabs and opportunities are still in process which are estimated to provide referral income upto 80% .

Terms & Conditions

  1. You can only have 2 active help requests at a time.
  2. You can request get help only after maturity

What makes us Different from others ?

  • You can walk out of current portfolio and start a new one anytime.
  • We don’t take any Brokerage amount or any hidden Commision
  • 100 % confirmed help exchange with no hassle
  • 1 Level referral — No referral program conditions to do further helping or get other level access
  • Instant system support on transactional disputes , if any
  • Surprise maturity gifts on referral achievements
  • Trusted and Registered organisation with goodwill business.

What are we Upto

Helpmirror helping platform aims to be the world’s biggest help network organization. We aim to provide our members with a high return program and make their life a little more exciting.

Helping is the Revolution

Helping will Change the world .

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