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  • The collected funds are stored in a smart contract and allocated to the team in parts.

Only Ethereum is accepted as payment for tokens. Ethereum is stored in a smart contract. The allocation of funds occurs once a month in the amount of TAP. The team may initiate a change of TAP no more than 1 time in 30 days. For this decision to be made, the consent of 50% of the voters plus 1 vote is necessary. Only tokens of buyers at the DAICO/PreDAICO can participate in the voting. Tokens which are allocated through marketing programs (Airdrop, Bounty) or purchased on the secondary market do not have the right to vote.

  • Reporting of the team to the investors

The team publishes reports on the use of funds on the official website of the
company: winbix.com

  • Giving investors the right of sole exit from the project

Any token (except the tokens which are received through marketing programs or purchased on the secondary market) can be returned to the PreDAICO/DAICO smart contract (after 45 days since the end of the PreDAICO or after 90 days since the end of the DAICO) with the receipt of share of the balance of funds for the moment.

  • The tokens are not allocated to the project team and the advisers.
  • Creation of a smart contract to back by a token WBX (unit of backing
    is Ethereum)

A smart contract “SECURITY” is created to be funded by the part of the marketplace commission fee 5 years. Any token (without any limitations) can be returned to the contract with the receipt of a share of funds for the moment.

  • A reversed buyback (BUYBACK) at the fixed price in Ethereum through an appropriate smart contract

Within 6 years from the launch of the marketplace, WINBIX makes a reversed buyback of tokens at the fixed price. The purchase price is increased by 100% annually.

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Note: All profit to the investors, tokens are not allocated to the project team

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