How instant masternodes have revolutionized handheld investments with StackOfStake

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Welcome to this weekly section for the large StackOfStake community and new investors who have come to our big family, day by day we manage to see how our platform is growing in an area that we are one of the most stable platforms in the market, but already many people in our community have time working with us but really do not know the benefits that we give unlike other conventional platforms, for today we will explain why StackOfStake makes a difference.

Faced with the great boom that every day cause cryptocurrencies around the world we can see every day looking for ways to innovate this great world and for the luck of many we have been able to see how has come to light a type of mining that they call ecological which is specifically to be the masternodes and proof of stake a mining system that many people have adopted by simplifying the fact that you can mine saving a lot in energy and expensive devices such as ASICs and GPU. But let’s first talk about what this PoS is about using the coins themselves, wagered by whoever owns them.

What proof of stake and masternodes are?

If you own a coin and want to earn interest through passive income, then the risk is to wager your own coins to verify new transactions. This means keeping your coins in a wallet connected to the network and the wallet must be unlocked/unencrypted at all times because the validation process needs the data in your wallet, such as the number of coins, to determine if the new transactions are correct. So the more coins you have in your possession, the more rewards you will receive.

On the other hand the masternode what it does is, adds another security system to protect the network. Above all because PoS has the need to slightly compromise the security to solve the problems encountered when using PoW. Unlike PoW and PoS, Masternodes is more like an add-on, it cannot stand alone. Simply because it was not created to create and support a new block by itself.

Now it is here where all the shared masternodes platforms are born since as they could have realized that to be able to make this work you must know a little bit of technical specifications so that you can make this run but not only this we have also seen how millions of people who know these technical parts have decided to trust these platforms for the simple fact that they can diversify. We not only focus on those people who diversify their portfolio but also on those people who do not have enough money to generate passive income thus providing a possibility to many target investors.

Problems to solve

  • High-risk high rewards investment instruments require the investor to have practical and theoretical knowledge in a variety of areas, such as economics, trading, project analysis.
  • A large number of investment instruments have a high threshold for an initial investment and the high price of a Masternode makes portfolio diversification harder, which leads to higher risks. Shared masternode services solve this problem, but the investor has to delegate his coins to an unknown party and wait in the queue until his coins will be used to create a masternode.
  • Considering the high cost of the Masternode and low market volumes, an investor has issues in buying or selling masternode on market price. Therefore he has to lose money or wait until his order is filled.
  • Every way of earning cryptocurrency carries risks. Usually, a high return of investment contains high risks. It could be a low efficiency of an instrument, high market volatility or a scam.
  • In a conventional shared masternode you must wait a long time for you to withdraw your coins since you must fill out a form and wait for someone else to take your place and in that process can take a long time.

What does StackOfStake offer you?

  • In our platform, we have a new automation system all operation or movement made within the platform is done so that it is done automatically by cutting edge technology where you should not wait for the platform team to do the actions within the platform.
  • When you first deposit your coins and they are received in the platform your number of coins will begin to generate automatically because the instant masternodes are characterized by the platform already has a node actively rolling and when the investor invests their coins takes part of the seat until the node is complete, each mounted node has an immediate replacement so there will always be an option to invest and win without having to wait those long hours until a node is completed so that it can be activated.
  • In the platform to have the new system of masternodes instantaneous everything you win, you can reinvest coins extracted to other masternodes immediately. This allows a compound interest for all investments and increases the ROI by almost twice in the long term.
  • At StackOfStake we focus on having legitimate projects on the platform so we do a thorough study of the currency before listing. The StakOfStake team develops some parameters for the research and decide if it is an optimal and legal project to be included in the platform.
  • In our platform you will be able to withdraw your coins in a few minutes, forget about waiting so many hours for someone to take your place and you can withdraw your coins when you want, this is one of the things that characterizes this type of system of instant masternodes as your coins can be withdrawn in a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • At StackOfStake we have a basic reward rate of 8%. It may vary for each currency, depending on maintenance costs, Masternode’s return on investment and price. But there are some currencies that can refer a little more or a little less this you will see in your internal account panel when you see the currency.
  • We have a system where you can see the profits you can get in the day, week and month so that our investors have more information about the return on investment of their currencies.
  • A large community active in the discord, telegram and twitter. As everyone knows and others not the discord has become a boom in the subject of projects with blockchain technology because it can give a closer contact with the developers of a project and its community, in StackOfStake you can have this, you will have a team dedicated to provide all information, update or problem that can happen so be resolved in record time.
  • You can track and manage your portfolio on the go with Android and iOS applications. It also can be used as all-in-one mobile wallets for your favorite masternode cryptocurrencies.
  • We also have the cool feature for developers — public API. It’s very easy to integrate the full power of StackOfStake into your app! Do you want to know how to integrate with us? — Feel free to message us to

StackOfStake service video guide

Well, friends, this has been the post for this week, those people who did not know our platform or have heard from us I hope that with this publication can have solved many doubts and know that we are your best option and you think of StackOfStake and its innovative system of instant masternodes? Give us your opinion in the comment box or enter our active community to tell us about it. Thank you for reading until next time!

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