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Tournament has been one of most requested features by our community requests for quite some time. Today, we are excited to announce the release of the new feature.


Each tournament is scheduled at a specific date and time and will be informed to players ahead of time, mostly via our website feeds. Once registration opens, those who wish to join must register in advance of the tournament start date. Tournament slots are limited at 32 per tournament on a first-come-first-served basis. Players will have around 48 hours to register for each tournament.

To confirm registration, players need to pay a fee in either ETH or EMONT and form a team of minimum 3 attackers. For the 1st version of the feature, fee is currently set to 0. Players can edit their team before the start date, for example in a circumstance that they see a higher probability of winning with another set of Mon.

Once the registration window ends, registered players will be paired up against each other randomly to fight in the first round. Winners of the 1st round will proceed to the second round and so on. This will continue until the champion is identified.

For now, there are 2 kinds of tournaments:

  • Beginner: Open to Mons level 1 to 26
  • Rookie : Open to Mons level 26 and above


Beginner tournament

Winner — a Common Mon

Rookie tournament

Winner — a Rare Mon

Registration is open now, this is your chance to show you’re the best!

Good luck!
Etheremon Team

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