Unstoppable Domains, The Most Promising Of Zilliqas Grants Recipients

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Unstoppable Domains aim is to replace traditional cryptocurrency address with a simple and efficient .zil domain name.

The Unstoppable Domain team has a very ambitious plan, they aim to support all major cryptocurrencies through their .zil domains. but Currently, the only currencies accepted are Zilliqa and Ethereum but don’t expect this to last too long.

The team behind Unstoppable Domain have had a very busy 2019, they’ve rolled out their product, trademarked it and pushed the early released for users to reserve certain domains. The sheer speed and precision the team has shown during 2019 has set them apart from other projects who have been building since 2017 but still do not have working products.

Road map achievements so far in 2019!

The road map that’s available on their website shows exciting and high profile updates coming in summer 2019: Live auctions, the release of desirable .zil domains and the acceptance of multiple currencies on the sample domain name.

Unstoppable Domain road map for 2019

Now imagine having a .zil domain name that will accept all kinds of cryptocurrency, if your friend wanted to send you Bitcoin, Xrp or even Stellar you could just provide them with one efficient domain name instead of several different wallet addresses.

It is stated at the start of the blockchain “Revolution” that once the wallets and currencies become easier to use, buy and send that’s when the real adoption will happen and to me, it’s just about to start thanks to Unstoppable Domains.

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