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Wit is the new way of assessing digital assets’ market. It provides comprehensive, visual insights on the key drivers of the Cryptoeconomy, empowering developers, users and investors with globally prominent analysis and valuation tools.

In the last decades, finance has been transformed by data-intensive investment strategies. Today, all important players of financial markets utilize large sets of real-time information to be capable of fast judgement and decision-making.

The Cryptoeconomy is no exception to that. Presently, people from all around the globe work to develop specific assessment approaches for that new economy that has unique features like 24/7, almost borderless activity.

And its novelty and complexity go even further. Distributed Ledger Technologies like blockchain gave birth to economic and organizational models that demand an entirely new analytic toolset for investors. Besides that, many decentralized networks offer a vast set of data about their inner activity, what allows models of valuation that were impossible in the traditional finance framework.

That’s why Wit is the new ally of investors. Using our portfolio management expertise, we boost your experience with cryptoassets. Our exclusive analyses and visual dashboards explore on-chain and market data to help you monitoring the key drivers of the market and grounding decisions of investment.

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