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It’s events like RAREAF2 that remind us why we do what we do.

Designed by Mattia Cuttini

The 2nd annual Rare Arts Festival (May 18, 2019) went off with out a hitch this past weekend at the Bushwick Generator in Brooklyn, NY. A top floor was dedicated to featuring works of digital art from the leading platforms and artists around the globe, and a main stage focused on engaging debates and presentations by day, and wild, masked shenanigans by night.

It was an action-packed meeting of the #CryptoArt minds and we had a blast. Huge shoutout and thank you to James Waugh and all the other volunteers who made the event happen!

We set up our SuperRare digital art gallery on the 2nd floor were we featured #SingleEdition digital works from artists @Hackatao, @XCOPY, @coldie, @Roses, @Pajaritaflora-Digital, @OpheliaFu and @MLIBTY.

SuperRare gallery @ RareAF2

We were excited to find out our neighbor was SuperRare artist Martin Ostachowski who had an unbelievable AR gallery display of his own. His setup was one of the biggest hits of the festival, with many attendees downloading the Artivive app so they could see his works come alive in AR.

At one point artist Kevin Abosch showed up and in classic Abosch fashion proceeded to rip up his artwork that was for sale so that more festival attendees could own part of it. Of the lucky attendees that grabbed a piece, some were even smart enough to get him to sign it — #FractionalOwnership

Kevin Abosch tearing up his artwork so that more people could own a piece.

Downstairs, the discussions and debates were going nonstop throughout the day. Joe Looney kicked things off with an awesome presentation and demo of his project Freeport.io, a super cool chrome extension to tokenize and trade art on CounterParty.

Joe Looney demoing Freeport.io

Simona Pop did a great presentation on ETH Bounties, specifically highlighting the Faces Of Ethereum project built on our parent company’s Pixura Platform NFT infrastructure. You can learn more about this fantastic project here.

Simona Pop presenting the ETH Bounties “Faces Of Ethereum” project

Moderated by the one and only Theo Goodman, the Battle of the Platforms panel had the crowd roaring from start to finish. It was super interesting learning about all of the different reasons that make Ethereum Classic the clear best blockchain for tokenizing art…..hehe. All jokes aside, it was a super cool panel to watch and all of the panelists are working on really interesting stuff. We all benefit in the long run when builders take different approaches!

Battle of the Platforms Panel

Anyone in attendance will confirm that Matt Hall’s presentation on CryptoPunks was one of the best parts of the festival. The dude’s hilarious. Discovering that of the 10,000 CryptoPunks created, 4067 of them are “probably dead” and lost forever was super interesting (I actually FOMO’d and bought one on my phone a few minutes later).

Matt Hall discussing CryptoPunks

Next up was a panel that featured the who’s who of #CryptoArt platforms where Judy Mam (Dada.nyc), John Crain (SuperRare), Tommy Nicholas (RareArtLabs), David Moore (Known Origin), Corinne Moshy (Codex) and Misha Libman (Snark.Art) spent the hour discussing how they can all work together to create industry guidelines and ensure the success of this growing #CryptoArt movement. As usual, Moderator Michael Lee from the Creative Crypto Magazine did a great job of leading the conversation.

Left to Right: Michael Lee, John Crain, Misha Libman, Judy Mam, Tommy Nicholas, Corinne Moshy, David Moore

Towards the end of the day we got to see our good friend Simon de la Rouviere talk about all things generative economies, harberger patronage and Art DAOs.

Simon de la Rouviere

As the day turned to night, the work was over and it was time for the #CryptoArt freaks to come out and party to a live DJ set and another kickass performance by our friend Jon Blok.

SuperRare Co-Founders Jonathan Perkins & John Crain
Jon Blok performing at the RAREAF2 afterparty

With each of these #CryptoArt gatherings our community continues to grow bigger, stronger and smarter. There’s no doubt in our minds that we’re at the forefront of something truly revolutionary and we couldn’t be more excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for art and blockchain.

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