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In depth research about the Experty application and the EXY token

What is Experty?

A short description of the Experty app would be: Experty is like Skype on blockchain with real-time monetization feature.

Experty has created a new business model, where you get paid in real-time for your skills, knowledge or other services that can be provided through voice or video calls.

All the payments within the Experty app are made with EXY tokens.

Experty is like Skype on Blockchain

The Experty app has all the Skype’s features, plus real-time monetization. You pay or get paid for the exact length of time of the conversation, through a smart contract that enables instant payments.

You can make high quality video and voice calls, or message an expert to help you with your inquiries.

After the call has ended you are able to rate the expert and let others know about your experience.

The benefits for Experts

The benefits for Callers

The EXY Tokens

The EXY tokens are the key to unlock all the features of the Experty app. They are the currency of the Experty app.

The Experty app uses EXY tokens for all the payments within it. If you want to call (voice or video) someone on the Experty app, you will need to own EXY tokens to pay for the service that has been provided to you.

The experts will also receive EXY tokens for their services.

All the payments between a customer and an expert will be made using a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, that will create instant payments between the two parties.

Buy EXY tokens with your Credit Card

Experty app is very user friendly. You don’t need to create an account on a crypto exchange to buy EXY. You can just buy EXY tokens directly from the Experty app with your credit card.

Moreover, if you own Ethereum (ETH) or Dock tokens (DOCK) you can convert them automatically into EXY tokens.

Experty’s Use Cases

From transferring knowledge to selling entertainment, the possibilities are limitless.

Literally any service that can be provided through video or voice call, will be able to use Experty app for monetization.

Let’s see some of the use cases for the Experty app.


Streamers generate revenues mostly from donations and sponsorships, but now their followers can support them via the Experty app.
Setting up a small fee and streaming live from the Experty app will generate constant revenue for Streamers. The global video streaming market size is anticipated to reach $124.57 billion by 2025.

Above you can see a tweet from the Experty team about a new “gamification feature” that will be announce in June, according to the latest posts on the Experty telegram channel.

In that tweet there are also some print screens with comments from Discord, an app used mostly by gamers.

Here’s another comment on that subject:

From Telegram:

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