Method Toward Practicing Ferrum in Facing Various Threats

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At present the smoothness of all types of financial transactions is strongly influenced by the existing security risks. We know that at this time the attackers will do everything in their power and effort to regulate the strategy of the attack. Where they are targeted are a number of financial transaction systems that have weak security facilities. Therefore, currently there is indeed a cryptocurrency platform that integrates a number of advanced technology components that can provide a layer of layered protection. This process will certainly take a long time and costs are not small.

Therefore at present, Ferrum is present as a platform that can provide network services with a guaranteed and standardized level of security. This is done because Ferrum wants to realize transaction services that can reach high frequencies. For example, such as exchange services for a number of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, True USD, Gemini Dollar, and Ferrum Token. Where a number of integrated currencies are types of currencies that have been very loved by the users, both are used for sales, purchases, exchanges, and mining. This selection is done to raise the economic value between the user and Ferrum. Thus creating a mutualism symbiotic relationship that is mutually beneficial between the two.

This platform dual protection system is seen during the process of storing a number of digital assets. Where the private key provided will be stored securely in The Sub Zero Wallet or what can be called Ultra Secure Cold Storage Application. This storage system aims to maintain accessibility and costs. Accessibility problems are often the main problem for every platform. For example, such as some platforms that have just been established or are under development. In this process they have used a variety of sophisticated technological components, but they have not been trained at all and are accustomed to receiving a growing number of demand services. Therefore, if productivity activities fail. It will automatically be very difficult for the platform to get more customers.

Differences in orientation between new platforms and experienced platforms. New platforms will usually be very method-oriented to gain customer trust. Therefore they will not hesitate — reluctant to spend a large amount of funds to be used in the event of an international promotion or conference. Whereas experienced platforms, their orientation certainly has led to a number of business strategies that support increased profitability and promotional funds that can already be minimized. Where this strategy is used to retain customers. Even though basically the work to get or retain customers is not an easy thing to imagine. At present Ferrum has a mission so that all the advantages of the platform that has been promoted will be felt in a real way. So that there will be trade fluctuations that are still on a stable line.

Scalability and cost are two conditions that must be maintained and observed by every platform. Scalability shows that the platform is a platform that can withstand the flow of problems caused by attackers and several other factors. Platforms like this are also considered to have reliable intelligence, because they can detect problems and offer a number of strategies or innovations — the latest innovations. This can be seen from the 24-hour security facility. Where users don’t need to worry anymore, if they send or receive assets online. This step is of course very surprising to various groups, because usually users will spend a lot of electricity costs just to protect the data for 24 hours.

Ferrum also has a very sharp detection power, because not only can it detect a number of dangerous viruses. But it can also detect various types of dangerous spam.

Ferrum is one of the cryptocurrency platforms that always strives to expand its performance and market share. This is done by understanding and tracing all the world history of blockchain technology. So that later he can ease the workload of other platforms that are his partners. Indirectly, Ferrum is also called a platform that can create all practicalities in finding solutions to problems. Because the Ferrum performance system is centered on delivering accessibility, scalability and affordable costs.


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