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Miracle Tele was developed as a digital platform that provides telecommunication network services to connect people to global networks that are supported only by using 1 SIM card. This card can reach networks that exist in various countries and has no effect on the distance and regulations set by each country. Miracle Tele has presented the best solution that can handle the use of SIM cards which is quite difficult for some because it is followed by complicated procedures. However, this platform avoids it all and ensures only the simplicity of procedures that can be obtained by its users. This platform presents a tokenisation system in the procedure for payment of service fees using its digital token, TELE.

Miracle Tele guarantees security for every data provided by users to them and supports a privacy system for each user data. Every data obtained from the registration process on this platform will be collected and stored in the Miracle Tele technology system which is partially managed by the blockchain. It is necessary to establish a privacy policy that will benefit users to the data of those who are in the hands of Miracle Tele. Various crimes that deal with Miracle Tele can be minimized. So that no further action can endanger users through the acquisition of their personal data.

Every information obtained is only used for the benefit of this platform as well as users. When users enter the registration process, they will be asked to fill in a number of data, starting with the name, address, telephone number, country of origin, city, and so on. These data are personal data directly related to the user. This data is collected to be processed so that in the end it will produce a policy that they will take to support the improvement of the quality of Miracle Tele services. From here, the service system they provide can be adjusted more optimally according to the needs of the community. To support this, users are expected to be able to provide true data. Because the quality improvements made by Miracle Tele are also motivated by the interests of its users. This platform puts forward the trust and convenience of users when using their services. Criticism and suggestions are needed to build this platform and strengthen its foundation through the suitability of services and functions.

User data is also used to manage online systems through website functionality. Various system developments and services will certainly affect the functionality of the Miracle Tele website. So it is important for them to adjust the information contained in the website with what has been conveyed to its users when there are new updates to their system. The website is also the main location that will connect all the functionalities contained in the Miracle Tele network and as a point of ongoing trading activities using its digital tokens. So that it is important to continue to manage and adjust the procedures contained in it so that users more easily apply each of the facilities provided.

The management of the website also aims to improve the quality of services through solving problems both experienced by users personally or involving the Miracle Tele technology network. Information will be summarized and then analyzed through data. Furthermore, the system will soon be repaired or updated so that more support for certain functions is considered still not maximally implemented. Before the website is left to the user to use, it requires first testing by the internal platform to better ensure that there are no shortcomings during the operation of the website. As long as users operate the website, Miracle Tele can further examine the functions and performance of their technology. User ratings will be collected and then compiled into a survey of service performance.

Information will not be submitted to any party. All data obtained from users will be stored by this platform completely without any indication of sharing or publication of the data. Miracle Tele emphasizes user privacy and data security in their hands. Data trading procedures will be implemented through legal channels and can result in termination of the cooperation contract with the party who leaked the data. However, data can be provided to fulfill ongoing legal procedures for a case where Miracle Tele was asked to become a correspondent who could work together. There are some exceptions that are made related to the provision of user data and only certain groups can obtain it according to their legal capacity. For this reason, users need to understand more deeply the conditions set by Miracle Tele to avoid misunderstandings.

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