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Cryptocurrency or digital currency is a type of product that is in demand in the world today. It is said to be a product because this currency is manifested in the form of coins or digital tokens that are widely traded through the internet network. This trade in coins or digital tokens was first initiated by the Bitcoin platform. However, this platform then applies a mining system to get coins in new or original conditions. Along with the passage of time, the development of cryptocurrency began to be felt increasingly widespread and began to try their luck to dominate the trading market. This effort can be seen from the existence of a number of parties who imposed a payment system on offline purchases using digital currencies.

Not only that, the market for trading of digital coins and tokens continues to increase in number each year followed by an increase in the number of buyers and users. This is driven by an interesting fact that cryptocurrency does not have a special party responsible for it. At first glance this might seem to be a hindrance because the absence of responsible parties makes it doubtful by some parties about who actually manages the digital financial system. What is meant here is that the transaction system using digital currencies is not controlled by a centralized or centralized system, but is run by blockchain technology which makes the system decentralized.

A decentralized system makes every component contained in it not only able to be controlled by one party, but requires a number of other parties that are interconnected and work together in terms of securing the network. This role is carried out by nodes involved in the blockchain technology network as network managers so that they are always available at all times to carry out transactions. Blockchain technology has its own ability to manage network security by relying on encryption systems related to cryptography. This makes this technology superior in terms of security systems compared to security systems commonly used by other financial institutions. Therefore, it is not surprising that this technology is the choice of many cryptocurrency-producing digital platforms.

The development continues to be able to be integrated with various functions. If at first, the blockchain makes cryptocurrency only be used to simply run buying and selling transactions or exchanged with other types of digital currency, now cryptocurrency can already perform other functions such as serving land buying, product spending, social media, content creation, health services, and as a reward in the game. For the last function, its use has been very frequent and spread very widely. There are so many types of game applications that guarantee prizes in the form of coins or digital tokens. In general, this type of game is played online and connected with other internet users from various countries.

The obstacle experienced by game players is that they are often deceived and do not get a number of coins or promised tokens after winning the game. This is experienced by some people who often fail to obtain digital assets in the games they play. Losses are caused mainly for players who have to make payment transactions to be able to enter the game arena. No party is responsible for this. this is the disadvantage of the digital world where no party directly has a relationship in terms of the economy that are face to face. Digital systems remain digital systems that only run through an internet connection and do not bring together interacting parties.

To restore a conducive playing atmosphere, a platform called Dabanking provides services specifically intended to provide entertainment content in the form of game applications. This platform will guarantee that every game played by users has the appropriate rewards for the winners. These rewards can be achieved directly by those who win without worrying about the vagueness of the gift giving system. By supporting a protection system from blockchain technology, Dabanking was built to gather user trust by supporting the concept of system transparency. Every procedure that must be passed will be applied fairly to all people who want to enjoy the playing experience with guaranteed unquestioned benefits.

Dabanking relies on the development of Dapps or decentralized applications which are currently the most developed types of applications by technology experts. This application can be accessed through the Dabanking platform so that each game application can be run by participating in operating blockchain technology at the same time. This makes every game lover more comfortable to enjoy the game with guaranteed DAB token prizes officially.

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