50000 BXK Tokens|1 Token=$0.15|Limited Contest|Get $15 Kibis & $7 Cindx Tokens

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50000 BXK Tokens|1 Token=$0.15|Limited Contest|Get $15 Kibis & $7 Cindx Tokens

1.KIBIS AIRDROP:(Earn 50 tokens of worth 50$)

How to join?

1- Fill in the Airdrop form here:https://airdrop.kib.is/

2- Join the Telegram group and post a comment — 10 Token

3- Like and comment on KIBIS’s Facebook — 10 Token

4- Follow KIBIS on Twitter and Re-tweet a Tweet -10 Token

5- Follow KIBIS and comment on Instagram — 10 Token

Get 10 Additional KIBIS Tokens

– Earn 5 KIBIS Tokens — Subscribe KIBIS’s Subreddit and comment.

– Earn 5 KIBIS Tokens by following the below steps:-

A- Tweet about the KIBIS using the hashtags — #kibis #kibiskiosk #selfservicekiosk

B- Make a Post on Facebook using the hashtags — #kibis #kibiskiosk #selfservicekiosk

Submit Your Additional Work Here.


2.CINDX airdrop — How to get free 7$ in CINXO tokens?

Simply complete the social task and fill the forum here.

Note: all social task are mension on forum


3.WIN UPTO 50,000 BITBOOK(BXK):(WORTH 6000$)

Join the contest and win many prizes by doing social tasks!

Join cointest here: https://contest.bitbook.ag/13495/7671413


Use Bitbook adrees during registeration to make bitbook adress simply create account on cointiger exchange link is here:



Best of Luck…

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