Crypto exchange KuCoin launches market maker incentive program

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KuCoin, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, announced today it has launched a new market making incentive program. The idea is to improve liquidity and strengthen user trading experience. KuCoin is welcoming professional market makers from all over the world to join this program.

Participants who join the KuCoin Market Making Incentive Scheme will be able to earn a rebate as high as 0.018%.

Details are below:

Market Making Incentive Scheme

KCS Rewards

All participants will be ranked every month according to their Cumulative Credit over the period, and KuCoin Shares (KCS) will be rewarded to the top ten market makers. The winner pool of each month can reach up to 94,500 KCS.

The rewards for each month will depend on the number of market makers registered over the period.

VIP Fast Track

KuCoin will provide participants with the support of DMA, Co-Location and Level 3 market data feed (free for a limited time). Refer to KuCoin’s API docs for more details.

Priority Choice of KuMEX

Market maker teams with outstanding performance may be selected in prior order as the market maker of KuMEX in the future.

Admission Requirement & Methods

The Market Maker must obtain a trading volume of more than 5,000 BTC in the last 30 days on any exchange.

Those interested are asked to send the following information via email to, with the subject title ‘Spot Market Maker Application’:

  • One KuCoin account ID (a non-referred account is required).
  • Proof of volume traded on any exchange within the past 30 days. Proof of a VIP level is also acceptable.
  • A brief explanation of your market making method (NO detail is needed), as well as estimation of maker orders’ percentage.

*Participants of the Market Making Incentive Scheme cannot take part in the KuCoin Referral Bonus Program or Trading Competition.

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