Everything you wanted to know about XP, levels & tiers

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Experience Points (XP) became a paramount part of the CryptoWars experience and it’s important for every blockchain gamer in the realm to understand the effect these changes made to the game.

The best way to start is with a short 101 on how to get XP:

Playing the game: this one is somewhat obvious but it comes with fine print.

First of all you must be an active player. What is an active player? That is a player who reached City Center Lvl. 4 during a tournament (including warmups). If you have not reached this milestone you will not be considered an active player and there will be no XP for you.

Of those active players the top 20 will get an XP prize depending on their leaderboard position, and the amount of that XP prize is determined by the size of the tournament. The remainder of the active players will receive the minimum each size of tournament awards.

The #1 player on a big tournament will get 18000 XP, on a medium tournament 9000 XP, and on a small tournament 2500 XP. Players who ranked #2 to #20 will get a percentage of the XP prize depending on their position on the leaderboard, and from #21 and onwards active players will get the bare minimum (400 XP for a big one, 200 for a medium one, and 100 XP for a small one).

Here’s a table to visualize all that jibber-jabber using a medium tournament (like one of the ongoing Weekend tournaments) as an example:

We’ll have charts for big and small tournaments added to the Wiki soon.

Validating your sensitive data: we award up to 500 XP to users that validate their email address.

Please keep in mind that we don’t have access to this information since it’s hashed and securely stored to prevent any type of leaks. We’ll have a blog post soon that get more technical on this matter for your peace of mind but rest assured: your data is safe with us.

Referring other players: another way to get XP is by referring other users to the game via the referral link provided on your profile but there’s a caveat to this: the XP will be awarded once your referrals validate their email address, and they participate in 2 tournaments in which they enhance the City Center to level 4. Each user you refer and complies with those requirements gets you 200 XP.

Now that we covered how to get XP let’s elaborate on what all that XP is good for: leveling up and getting to a higher tier.

Levels main purpose is to track your progress in the game. For example: if you’re on level 10 (Tier 1, Bronze) you can tell you’re only 4 levels away from reaching the next tier (Tier 2, Silver). Each level will cost you 500 XP, and the amount of levels required to reach the next tier increases the higher you climb the tier ladder.

We have a levels and tiers table for you to check here in our Wiki or you can check this in-game by going into your profile tab.

Tiers come with prizes and the reward for reaching a higher tier is for one a badge to proudly display in your profile, exclusive access to tier based/pro tournaments (you’ll get a key with every tier you reach that will open access to such events), and multipliers for tournament prizes (5% bonus for Bronze tier, 10% for Silver tier, 15% for Gold tier, 20% for Platinum tier, and 25% for Legend tier).

This new way of tracking and rewarding your progress is designed with a richer late game experience in mind and we’re still working on developing it even further.

So now that you know it’s time to put that knowledge in practice. If you still have any doubts as always you can find us on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord where we expect your feedback with arms wide open.

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