Feel Like a Career in Blockchain? Here is What to Know

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Blockchain continues to be a promising technology for transforming business and day-to-day life. Many big players like IBM, Target, Microsoft and social media behemoth facebook are now joining the effort and pushing the technology forward. Even government like The National Archives and Records Administration is exploring whether blockchain technology can help records management officials keep track of their huge storage of information. Confidence is growing that blockchain 2 can provide real value and innovative solutions for companies and organizations. Curiosity towards job market in this newly booming industry is definitely on the rise.

So what are the available positions in blockchain?

  1. Tech-related Positions

Blockchain is a combination of existing programming technologies like object-oriented programming, applied cryptography and economics. If you have obtain a degree in Computer Science, it might already been very helpful of finding a tech related position such as a blockchain developer. If not, a good way to start learning blockchain is to begin with Solidity for the development for Smart Contracts, and JavasCript for website development. Online reputable sources such as Udacity, Coursera etc for learning cryptography is also highly recommended for a successful career on Blockchain. The huge demand for blockchain-related jobs has surged the salary bump. The average salary for blockchain developers is approximately around $165,000 which is about $25,000 higher than the standard salary for software engineers.

  1. Non-tech Related Positions

Demand for other positions other than tech-related in the industry is also growing Like any other business, blockchains also need more than just technical support. Projects are also looking for lawyers, public relations (PR), marketers , accountants, and much more. If you check blockchain jobs site like Crypto Jobs List, you can find advertisement looking for marketing specialists, community managers, UI designers and so on and so forth. For non-tech related jobs are usually 10–20% higher than the salaries offered in a normal job. When you get to work in the blockchain field, you will learn how the technology works one way or another. Regardless if you are working as a programmer or in business and marketing, you must gain enough knowledge for problem solving and speak confidently about how this new technology can transform businesses and industries.

A Heaven for Digital Nomads

Mostly Blockchain projects are international by nature and offer a rather loose environment to work in. It has definitely become a friendly industry for people who prefer to work remotely compared with traditional companies/industries.

Final Thoughts..

Bitcoin jobs and blockchain careers are here to stay. All sorts of companies from startups to fortunate 500s are still in high demand looking for talents. More and more people are digging into how Bitcoin works and what are some of the core value of it. In the meanwhile, Blockchain tech has the potential to change every industry in the world. So if you are thinking of changing your career path and giving blockchain a try, be sure to keep up with what’s going on with the industry trends. The technology is changing at very high pace and requires to be proactive and keep learning new concepts all the time.

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