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Adoption, adoption and more adoption!

Welcome to the May edition of the Fusion Newsletter!

It’s hard to believe that so much was achieved in one month. Following the exponential growth of Fusion’s awareness campaign that kicked-off in April, May has brought to light a large number of significant partnerships that are set to have major impact across numerous industries including, Finance, Blockchain, Social Impact and more.

May Summary

Partnerships– Fusion’s DCRM & Time-Lock Protocols Provide Gateways for Growth

Alprockz [RKZ] selects Fusion Foundation to accelerate adoption of their Swiss Franc-backed Stablecoin

Alprockz Founder and CEO Yassine Ben Hamida names Fusion “the most forward-looking blockchain developer for global finance” and “the perfect technology partner to demonstrate to the world what is possible in this new digitized economy.” Fusion has been selected to assist Alprockz expand the use and accessibility of RKZ, the world’s first and only legally enforceable cryptocurrency. Using Fusion’s native create-asset API, Alprockz will issue a new batch of Swiss Franc-backed RKZ stablecoins set to be integrated with Fusion’s network to create a multitude of new financial instruments. This addition of RKZ Stablecoins to the Fusion Network opens up doors to foreign exchange hubs and establishes new ways to create derivatives.

Like-minded tech leader BANKEX selects Fusion to help bring a new set of collateralized digital assets to market

BANKEX, a “securitization 2.0” service based out of New York, operates a blockchain platform that supports the digitization of assets, as well as their tokenization and custody rights. Fusion and BANKEX will synchronize efforts to tokenize a variety of collateralized digital assets, beginning with commercial loans for small-medium enterprises. Combining BANKEX’s asset digitization and securitization platform with Fusion’s unique interoperability protocol creates new financing opportunities and sources of capital for business owners.

Nvelop Holding Selects Fusion to Develop Cross-Border Digital Assets

United Arab Emirates-based blockchain development company Nvelop Holding and the Fusion Foundation will work together to digitize cross-border assets and various alternative investment opportunities. With the help of Fusion’s unprecedented DCRM interoperability solution and native featurs like time-lock and quantum swap, Nvelop can actualize their goal of bringing niche asset classes into the digital world.

Mt Pelerin Partners with Fusion to Power Blockchain-Based Banking Ecosystem

Swiss FinTech firm Mt. Perelin will team up with Fusion to enhance their tokenized banking platform. Arnaud Salomon, CEO and Founder of Mt Pelerin, acknowledges Fusion’s ability to “democratize complex financial products and services in a simple, transparent and cost-efficient way.” With the help of Fusion’s DCRM, time-lock, and quantum swap technology, Mt Pelerin hopes to roll out a fully regulated tokenized bank while offering a vast selection of products and services for all banking clients.

Zeux and Fusion Partner to Expand Access to Digital Asset Investment Opportunities for All

Zeux’s blockchain-based “all-in-one” financial app connects fiat, crypto, and investment opportunities within a single integrated mobile app. Partnering with Fusion and employing their innovative DCRM technology allows Zeux to expand their product offering by bringing together various assets, from basic stable coins to more complex asset-backed digital securities. The collaboration between Zeux and Fusion will bring greater accessibility to blockchain finance and foster adoption.

Fantom Foundation Selects Fusion’s Interoperability Solution to Expand Direct Acyclic Graph Distributed Ledger

Fantom Foundation, home to the high performance and scalable DAG, has teamed up with the Fusion Foundation once again endorsing DCRM as the industry leading interoperability solution. The first step in the collaboration is to integrate Fusion’s Distributed Control Rights Management (DCRM) interoperability solution with Fantom’s high-speed network. As a result of the integration, the Fantom network will become compatible with other blockchain and legacy systems, vastly increasing network accessibility while fast-tracking adoption.

WealthInitiative Teams with Fusion to Revolutionize Deal-Making of Real Estate, Art and Other Non-Bankable Assets

WealthInitiative and Fusion have partnered to help investors access a marketplace of real estate, art, passion investments, and other non-bankable assets. Fusion’s technology, including DCRM, time-lock, simple asset creation and enhancement, and quantum swap enables the easy digitization and exchange of physical assets. WealthInitiative hopes to provide opportunity for investors holding non-bankable assets to extract time value and create new derivatives from their physical assets.

Recognition– Fusion Is Acknowledged as a Leader of DeFi by Industry Influencers

Mineable: How FUSION (FSN) is Taking Over the 300 Trillion Dollar Financial Industry

Mineable produced a fantastic video explaining how Fusion provides the technical infrastructure for the financial applications of the future.

Chico Crypto: Fusion: The Next Big Thing!? Evolving the DeFi Landscape

Fusion is named the “spearhead” of the decentralized finance (DeFi) revolution by Tyler of Crypto Chico who helps to break down Fusion’s value proposition and technical features.

Fusion Founder DJ Qian and Chief Product Officer John Liu were live with Jill Malandrino on Trade Talks powered by NASDAQ.

Conferences– Digital Asset Summit and Consensus

Digital Asset Summit

Fusion was the Title Sponsor of the Institutional focused Digital Asset Summit on May 15th. Fusion Founder Dejun Qian delivered a captivating keynote address that you can check read the transcript of here!

Consensus 2019

Fusion caught up with some of our existing partners and created meaningful connections at Consensus 19 where Fusion had a prominent booth. Fusion introduced its ‘Build with Fusion’ video and encouraged prospective partners to join our Ecosystem of Economies.

Exchange Listing– BitMax

Fusion’s FSN token was listed on BitMax Exchange and began trading at 10:00 AM EDT on May 10, 2019. More exchange listings are anticipated in June.

Thanks for reading Fusion’s May newsletter. June 2019 is going to be massive for Fusion with the Main Network release on the horizon, more partnership announcements on the way and more exchange listings to increase FSN token liquidity!

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