Komodo ‘Hacks’ Their Wallet Users to Prevent a Theft of $13 Million

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The developer of the Cryptocurrency wallet, Komodo, has effectively hacked its own customers to avoid attacks that could result in theft of funds worth nearly $ 13 million.

A blog post from the npm JavaScript package repository, first reported by ZDNet, shows that the security system raises warnings about the back door on June 5 that hackers can rob users of from one of the old Komodo wallets, Religion.

Audits show malware threats with the potential to steal seeds and log in cryptocurrency wallets.

To prevent hackers from taking advantage of malicious code, Komodo and npm use the same back door to extract user funds and transfer them to a safe location far from the reach of hackers.

Npm says:

After being notified by our internal security tools about this threat, we responded by notifying and coordinating with Komodo to protect their users and remove malware from npm.

In a security warning, Komodo said: “After finding vulnerabilities, our Cyber ​​Security Team uses the same exploits to gain control of the many seeds affected and secure risky funds.”

Komodo said it was able to protect 8 million komodo tokens (KMD) and 96 bitcoin, collectively valued at almost $ 13 million.

To prevent hackers from using seeds and old paraphrases in the future, developers recommend Religious wallet users to move their funds to newer wallet products and create new KMD and BTC addresses, as well as new passphrases.

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