Trading cryptocurrency is no longer complicated, come get knowing to strengthened investment ‘ETF’

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  1. The Recent News of ETF Cryptocurrency

In recent days, Jay Clayton, the chairman of SEC, said that the United States would develop cryptocurrency ETF after solving the problems of manipulating market. Hester Peirce, the SEC’s core man, announced that he was agreed with it due to the reason that the timing of releasing BTC ETF was perfect at the 2019 Consensus Meeting in New York. And also, the head of ETF project in NASDAQ, said Mr. Stark had also been pay attention to cryptocurrencies, and ETF cryptocurrency are must be launched some days.

The news that Facebook will release stablecoins has been widely spread, and these 2 days, the gossip that it would be released on the 18th of this month came out from insiders. “The worth of Facebook’s Coin will be defined by a basket of legal tender, “ Laura McCracken, the head of Nordic financial services and payments department, said in an interview.

The calls of ETF cryptocurrency are more and more clangorous, so how exactly does ETF harvest people’s agreement?

2. The competing advantages of ETF cryptocurrency

ETF cryptocurrency is a combination of cryptocurrencies in a high-quality that allows users realize the market based on the data of related index. Easier and more stable investing cryptocurrency will be because of the risk of investing cryptocurrency will be declined by ETF.

For example, it is risky that being in a debt because of short-term fluctuations when you only choose to invest one kind of cryptocurrency. However, ETF will help you choose a combination of high-quality cryptocurrencies in a huge amount. According to that, the return on investment will be linked with the bull of overall index. It means that not only the hazard rate remains low, but also the profit will be stable in a long-term.

The demand of bring traditional financial into cryptocurrency investment is obviously showed up by the international financial market. We unhesitatingly hold a view that the release of ETF will show us the image of cryptocurrency investment in a more gorgeous standard.

3. What BitOffer Offer:

As we can see that choosing correct exchange means a lot for your trading experience.

BitOffer, a globalizing crypto trading platform, which is proficient in developing and operating financial products from an international perspective is excellent at crypto R&D and operation. Therefore, as a globalizing crypto exchange, BitOffer runs without lags even if hundreds of thousands of users stay online at the same time.

Linkage token (LT) would be the first ETF crypto released by BitOffer. LT, representing the ownership of a basket of securities. The value of LT is guaranteed by mainstream cryptos such as BTC, LTC. In addition, daily redeem is allowed so that we can insure against the risk of decline. As the blood of the cross-chain ecology of BitOffer, LT has the functions such as deducting service fee, sharing dividend of platform, enjoying cross-chain service etc., which ensures the rarity and the growth of the tokens.

In conclusion, LT, a strengthened ETF, its value can be defined as three parts: 1. Intrinsic Value, which means the net value of the basket. 2. Financial Value Added, dividend of the profit from the platform. 3.The Value-in-use and long-term value added. With those mentioned above, Each LT is not only equal to the share of ETF, but also be along with the interests from BitOffer, which includes the safety and the growth for your investment.

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