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Status is the DApp that has many features, not just a simple Wallet of Ethereum Blockchain. It has a community of people that are in different social media where they can talk to each other and help about Status like what the dapp is about and how does it work. The community also can use the application on their phone directly, where they can use it for chatting to each other also they can send transactions to each other directly. The transactions of different tokens that are in the Ethereum blockchain. Not just sending transactions there are also different groups where people can give insights to each other about the cryptocurrencies and prices.

Status has different features, because it has a browser too which is a very secured one that does not trace people and do not have cookies which trace the data. The browser , messenger and the transactions that can be sent though their messenger all of them are in Ethereum blockchain and the projects is fully open-sourced. Which has a very big benefit for the project itself to be an open-sourced one..

This is why you should use Status if you are into the Ethereum world and you want to have a safer browsing and messenger, you can get the app for your phone and start chatting, sending tokens in the most secured way peer-to-peer.

This is an amazing project and my recommendation is fully, I give 5 stars out of 5!

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