Announcement on Partnership between Bitpie and Algorand

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Today, we are very thrilled to announce our partnership with Algorand.

By achieving this partnership, Bitpie and Algorand will jointly carry out deep cooperation on the basis of extensive implementations on user participation. As the first major crypto wallet integrating Algorand network, Bitpie will be actively engaged in the Algorand eco-system promotion and provide the Algo holders a comprehensive service in the first time.

Algorand is a pure proof-of-stake, permissionless blockchain network led by the 2012 Turing Award laureate Silvio Micali. It takes a promising approach to decentralization by offering a ground-breaking solution to the “Trilemma” (i.e., the scalability, security, and decentralization).

Bitpie is a 6-year wallet team boasting a wide reputation in the wallet market. It has a clear leading edge in cryptology and wallet security and to date serves over 2 million cryptocurrencies holders and investors. By recognizing Algorand’s unique set of logic around its innovative consensus mechanism, we are strongly supporting and looking forward to its promising development thereof.

By reaching the global strategic cooperation, the two parties will cooperate in a variety of aspects including but not limited to wallet support, all-round financial services, industrial scenarios and marketing, etc.

Algorand Official Website:

Stay tuned for more good news and new features!

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