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Development Update

This week the Product, Design, and Dev teams are finishing up tasks scheduled for Sprint 9 — Ignoble Iceberg Lettuce. During this sprint the team leads have been working on putting together a roadmap for the upcoming months as work continues toward v2. The goal of this roadmap will be to identify the high level features needing work, and make sure an internal cadence is established.

While working though product roadmaps may be exciting to some of us, for the rest of the world there is indeed actually exciting news! The team has received the first round of feedback from the Augur v2 audits being performed by Zeppelin. The audits identified a number of potential issues, and the team is actively evaluating the feedback and implementing solutions to the problems. This round of cleanups is expected to last a couple of weeks — at which point the development team will publish the first public deployment of Augur v2 onto the Kovan testnet.

The Kovan testnet deploy will be a pre-alpha deploy designed to help the dev team coordinate on integration work. However, the monorepo containing all the v2 code will be updated with those deployed contract addresses; and there will be Docker images published for the UI. For those of you who are eager to see how Augur v2 will work on a contract level, or want to see how things go with a shared instance for testing, this deployment will be a good time to dip a toe into the water.

Over the next two weeks the team expects to accomplish the following major tasks:

  • Complete improvements to v1 Liquidity Sort / Filters
  • Complete changes/improvements from initial v2 Audits
  • Complete integration of the Trading page with the v2 Middleware
  • Complete Market Creation Design
  • Complete v2 Reporting Design
  • Begin integration of the Account page with v2 middleware
  • Begin integration of Portfolio
  • Begin the UI implementation of new Market Creation flows for v2
  • Continue work on v2 documentation auto-generation from codebases

Follow our sprints in Github Issues, and as always come to Discord and ask questions!

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