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The game is put on hold, and users who purchased its items are now entitled to a refund.

Back in February, we announced that the development of Bitizens Expedition was going to be postponed to give our team the time and tools necessary to build the best blockchain game to date. While this remains true, we have decided to keep Bitizens on hold indefinitely while we work on products that advance blockchain adoption, such as GuildChat, GuildWallet, and TronTrade.

While we strongly believe in the power of games as a tool to drive blockchain adoption forward, we have come to the understanding that this technology has a long way to go before we can develop the kind of games we have in mind — fun and engaging experiences that can directly compete with the current gaming industry. Our focus, as a company, is to create avenues for the adoption of crypto and blockchain technology as a whole, therefore our resources are dedicated to building solutions and tools that make interacting with it simpler and more accessible.

Starting on June 17th, we will be refunding all Bitizens items bought during the Initial Game Offering — both on Ethereum and TRON — to the original wallet addresses used to purchase them. This process will take up to 5 days, and everything will be handled by our team, without any need for users to go through a refunding process. Players do not need to send back the non-fungible Bitizens items.

We thank all players and PLAT holders who supported Bitizens since the beginning, as none of our success would have been possible without you. We would also like to assure you that, while this is a small step back in development, our vision for the game is very much the same: to bring you the best gaming experience on the blockchain.

BitGuild aims to bring blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption to the masses by providing compelling experiences that are easily accessible. Between GuildChat, our crypto social app, GuildWallet, the most user-friendly browser extension wallet, and TronTrade, our decentralized exchange, we’re firing on all cylinders to usher in a new age, changing the way people interact with their digital goods.

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