CSC-Crypto Space Commander- 1st Week of Play & 1st Crates Opened

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To me, having faith in the company behind a game is very important. I would rather put 1k+ into 3 games, than $100 into 30 games, so I am very selective. Lucid actively markets their games, actively improves them, along with having great service and support (I had a question answered in less than 12 hours) At the time of writing, I have 39 hours in the game (some AFK) & about $250 spent, so this is article will only reflect insights of a new player. Many players have been playing since day 1 and have massive Destroyers.

CryptoBlockDan (middle) does a fly by on my Inferno (top left). Check out his CSC guide part 1 here

I had fun during a recent mining event, but I also decided I would be buying more ships. Of course ships go up in price as they increase in size, but a good mining ship can currently be had for cheaper than a pair of sneakers and there is ONE ship like mine on the market for 0.10 ETH! Deals like this won’t last so if you like the look of Crypto Space Commander you might want to grab a ship and a few crates now and check it out.

the Proxima station was purchased by CocoBear and has been divided up into shares, which many players have already purchased

In addition to ships, CocoBear purchased the impressive Proxima station, which will be central to the player economy. While he could keep it for himself, he instead chooses to govern the station and sell shares for station access, which includes a convenient ore drop off location, voting rights, and much more. Shares can be purchased to be a partial owner, I believe there were 200 shares to begin (0.5%)for ~1ETH each at time of writing. In the past, it was much harder for players to be involved with game economies. Trustworthy developers, player backing, and a supportive player base are all great signs for the future of both the CSC game and the CSC item economy. While there are no guarantees about item values in a digital economy, Crypto Space Commander looks like guaranteed fun to me. Vouchers, station passes, ships and crates will be things I look to buy a little at a time.

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