Dcoin Token launch on June 20th with DT PLAN MATRIX

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In order to celebrate the grand launch of Dcoin Token (DT) platform integral and give back to Dcoin users, Dcoin will issue DT and launch a series of activities “PLAN MATRIX” through multi-chain resonance and innovative play. “PLAN MATRIX” is an online game plan designed for Dcoin platform coin, including LEO (Ladder Exchange Offering), Fissioner Group Battle, Melting Node, FOMO Lottery Pool and other games. More incentives can be obtained for seizing the opportunity. Please join us!https://bit.ly/2RcCoZb

What is DT?

Dcoin Token (DT) is a Global Utility Token issued by ESPBC Foundation for Dcoin Exchange and its eco-system. DT holders have the right to participate in Dcoin community autonomy and ecological co-construction.

DT adopts the issuance mode in multi-chain resonance, aiming at serving a co-building community by consensus and co-governance, and realizing openness in management, revenue sharing as a free trading platform.


LEO model is defined as Ladder Exchange Offering (LEO) model, the lower the DT price in the earlier stage, the earlier the purchase, the more DT can resonate with the same number of mainstream currencies. Different form other resonance, Dcoin mixed four popular cryptocurrencies to make sure the convenience and profitability.

In Fissioner Group Battle, investors can get point through inviting other friends to purchase the DT, estimated up to 300,000$ rewards will be distributed based on the users’ points.

Moreover, Investors also can join the melting node to grab 300 millions of DT and get various rights as well as lottery tickets to win the 600,000$ jackpot!

Join and Invite now

Get more information and Grab your DT now: https://www.dcoin.com/DT

Additionally, you can now invite your friends to sign up and get fascinating rewards: 1000DT+one lottery ticket+10% transaction fee kickback!

More Info:https://bit.ly/2ZkBHQn

welcome to sign up:https://bit.ly/2F6Le6a

Join us:

Telegram: https://t.me/dcoinofficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dcoinexchange/




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