NAVICOIN (NAVI) Public Sale on VinDAX Launchpad on June 17th, 2019

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We are excited to announce that a public sale for Navicoin(NAVI) will take place on VinDAX Launchpad starting on 14:00 (UTC) June 17th, 2019.

* Public Sale Event
Session 1: 
Session Supply: 2 500 000 tokens
Price: 0.0083 USDT
Starting Time: 2019–06–17 14:00:00 (UTC)
Session 2 
Session Supply: 15 000 000 tokens
Price: 0.009 USDT
Starting Time: 2019–06–19 14:00:00 (UTC)

*Project Introduction
Navibration, a Spanish startup, is creating the navigation of the future: offline navigation through vibration, and a whole ecosystem of audio tours from cities all over the world, built on blockchain technology. The content of the audio tours will be created by our community and we will build a decentralized ecosystem to be able to reward users with our token in base to their contribution in a fair, transparent, instant way.

Hardcap is 1 500 000 USD
Softcap is 100 000 USD

*Project highlight:
The initial development of the project was backed by the Government of Spain and the company has patented the navigation system by vibration. The word innovation is on everybody’s lips nowadays, but very few really follow through with this. In Navibration, they can safely say that they have created something which didn’t exist before. Navibration has a working MVP, available in both App Store and Google Play, with thousands of registered users. In future versions of the app, the token of the company, Navicoin, will play a fundamental role within the platform, becoming the center of the audio tours ecosystem and the Navibration sharing economy.

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