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Hello, This is Storichain Team

The Storichain Project’s TORI token Contract Address has been change in to new address 0xc71E20E54ADfC415f79bbF0A8F11122917920050E

Deploy Date: June 2, 2019

This ERC-20 TORI token is the address that will be used until further migration to the Luniverse main token.

If you purchased TORI through Tokenbank, Cobak and Hanbitco before June 2. 2019, you can check it in your personal wallet after it has been distributed at each sales place.

The changed smart contact address: 0xc71E20E54ADfC415f79bbF0A8F11122917920050E

Deploy Date: June 2, 2019

You can add TORI Token with your ERC-20 support wallet with this address.

Pool’s token with Lockup policy can be obtained by claiming after Lockup period in MyEtherWallet.

For those who are new to Ethereum wallet,

here’s what you’ll find next.

(1) Adding a TORI token to MyEhterWallet wallet

(2) Adding a TORI token to MetaMask wallet

(3) Request and receive lockuped Token by Claim after Lockup period

Storichain team will continue to update development issues in this official blog, in addition to management and sales information, so please keep your interest in Storichain’s growth.

*** TORI token in Storichain is not a payment currency and the fiat currency. It is just another item that can be exchanged for various tickets and items in the platform of Storichain, which is a barter type token.

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