BitRabbit is a best cryptocurrency exchange platform

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Hello to everybody! I am glad to see you all, today we will discuss an interesting project — BitRabbit.

BitRabbit is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which ranks 66th in the international trading volume rating. It was founded in 2018, legally located in Australia and for the time spent on the world market is developed very strongly. This is the best cryptocurrency exchange platform I have ever met. It is very practical to use, and also has many nice features.

Platform’s name, according to the obvious, is considered a parallel with this, as well as the cryptocurrency industry is changing rapidly. Platform’s founders want their customers to “grow in such a way as rapidly, just like bunnies.”

Site was launched 1.02. 2018, and, having existed for a little more than years, the size of its trade is surprising. Bitrabbit is number 66 in the list of stock exchanges among the companies with the largest sales during 24 minutes. Size of sales also increases in geometric progression.

As well as numerous other exchanges, BitRabbit does not take care of North American traders in its own landing stage. In case you are from the USA and are looking for a trading platform that suits you directly, you need not worry at all, you will look out another.

Developers want to solve such problem as price manipulation. It is no secret that the prices on the crypto exchanges change hourly, which hinders the conduct of honest trading, so the developers were focused on the morning of this huge problem. Another problem developers want to solve is high commissions. When most of crypto exchanges require more than 20 percents commission, transactions through BitRabbit will occur with small commissions. And the third problem is security. Many cryptocurrency exchanges were hacked due to new methods of hacking. Developers have investigate this methods and create their own security plan. It is very exciting.

The project team has a huge amount of experience in finance, the Internet and blockchain technologies. That is why developers promise customers a stable and best project among competitors.

There are no doubt that trader duties are very significant. Each time you place an order, market charges you a commission for the sale. Commercial receipt is usually a fraction of the price of a trading order. In this exchange, they do not share among consumers and manufacturers. Every party of ​​operation pays an equal commission: 0.1 percent of orders price.

The moderate ratio according to the sphere for a long period was 0.25 percents, however, in our time, I notice progress towards reducing the fees. Numerous exchanges currently charge, for example, 0.1 percent or 0.15 percents.


I liked the project very much. It has no weaknesses, everything is clearly thought out in advance. The idea of ​​the project is very relevant, practical and interesting, every day more and more people are involved in cryptocurrency world that means that the Bitrabbit project will surely succeed. He deserves 12 points out of 12. On this all, all successful projects, wait for new reviews!

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