BOLT, A Product, A Vision, And The Drive To Make It reality

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BOLT has erupted off the back of their digital media app BOLT+, offering users from all over the world unseen potential straight from their mobile devices.

The platform allows users to watch highlights, sports predictions, live television, and user-created content straight from their mobile phones. With the BOLT project aiming to bring digital content to everyone, no matter where you live offering blockchain to the unbanked and unaddressed without strict KYC rules.

BOLT+ is still in the early stages after being released earlier this month just in time to show The Cricket World Cup highlights, with cricket being the biggest sport in emerging markets. The app has well over 22,000 downloads on Android alone helping it scale up the search priority on the Google Play store.

Users and content creators will both be able to make BOLT tokens off the platform effectively offering an income for both users and content creators with other platforms such as YouTube and Twitch taking huge cuts of ad revenues and donations for using the service.

The future of the BOLT project looks very positive with the price reflecting the hard work done by the team and the positive feedback from the BOLT+ app. The price will soon surpass the ICO price of 0.03 which was released prior to the crypto winter.

The team is dedicated, hard-working, and determined to fulfill their goals and change the digital media industry and I strongly believe they will.

If you haven’t already got the BOLT+ App get it now with the link below, its available on both iOS and Android stores.

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